New Frequency for HD 24 34.5west

Incase you noticed your hd 24 on 34.5west is saying “No or bad signal”, just don’t panic. At exactly 3:34pm, 9/13/2016, they changed their tp from 4090 H 20667 to 4173 V 20658. On most occasion, manually inputing of the tp won’t give you signal, so i advice you clear your previous channels and blindscan again.

We already knew this would be coming because they’re seriously on their toe now to fight piracy. Recently , they keep changing keys every 15 minutes making all strong decoders useless on hd 24, except for those with 4950H. So if you want to watch hd 24, you must purchase an auto roll decoder. The best decoder we recommend that auto roll with speeds are gsky v5 and superesat.

The reason i keep advising you to go for those products is, they update keys from emm data transmitting directly from the satellite, unlike some other cheaper decoders that update from softcam keys manually updated on the decoder through internet. Another reason is, if the rate of keys changing increased, which may likely to, those above mentioned receivers should be able to handle it conveniently as they calculate the keys with speed.

Another bad news is on the sony entertainment network. Soon, we are going to move on without sony as they’re preparing to change encryption. Now some will think i’m spreading rumors. To confirm this, please read through this article;

MUMBAI, INDIA, September 9, 2016 – Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) is launching several new HD channels in the Indian market to further expand the entertainment options for its viewers. SPN has chosen Cisco VideoGuardEverywhere to secure their primary content distribution to a wide variety of devices.

SPN, which handles the diversified interests of Sony Pictures in India, includes a motion pictures corporation (MSM Motion Pictures), television distribution business (MSM Media Distribution) and digital entertainment business that operates the OTT service Sony LIV.

Security for video is top of mind for executive leaders throughout the motion picture, broadcast and media entertainment industries, as video piracy continues to cost them billions of dollars annually. Digitizing entertainment platforms comes with higher risks of piracy, as hackers find ways to steal top shows and movies through new methods of file sharing and illegal streaming methods.

The continued growth of unauthorized pirate redistribution of premium content, consuming almost a quarter of peak Internet bandwidth, is robbing media companies of their licensing fees and constituting unfair competition to service providers.

Cisco® VideoGuard Everywhere was specifically designed to fight and effectively stop all forms of video piracy from creation through distribution to consumption and beyond. It is a software-based video service protection solution encompassing conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM).

SPN will also deploy the Cisco D9800 Network Transport Receiver (NTR) with advanced security controls. The integration of the VideoGuard Everywhere Conditional Access Module (CAM) with the Cisco receiver enables SPN to support advanced security functions, including highly secure forensic watermarking to investigate and trace back the source for any illegal redistribution of content.

“As one of the leading regional satellite operators in Asia Pacific, Sony Pictures Networks India will now be one of the most advanced and secure content distribution platforms in Asia Pacific,” said Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Sales, India and SAARC, Cisco. “This launch reinforces our commitment to the broadcast and media market, and Cisco is proud to be partnering with SPN for the launch of their new HD channels.”

“Our content is our most valuable asset,” said Mr. NP Singh, CEO, Sony Pictures Networks. “Securing that content from piracy and today’s sophisticated hackers is a top priority for us. Our work with Cisco to deploy an advanced security solution across our network and content distribution platforms will help us protect our premium content for subscribers.”


If i were you, i won’t waste my money for any china toy, i would opt for andriod tv box which can last up to 100 years depending how good you are in maintaining electronics.

Hd 24 west still not working for you? Please use the comment form, you will get a responce rather than calling.

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17 thoughts on “New Frequency for HD 24 34.5west

  1. Bros you always speak as prophet, I believe you finally I see no need buying the auto rolling decoders bcus power vu will soon be a thing of the past.this is to let others know that the western world maintain their lead on technology.

  2. Oga pako among these decoders: alpha box ,Tiger & skybox which one does not need requires internet before it auto roll power vu keys for HD Sport 24?Thank you.

  3. Gud day Pako,deleted ma channels with TP 4090 on 34.5W and have been blindscanning sibce but cant get Sport24.What is it that im not doing ryt sir.If there is any trick,kindly let me know.

  4. Good evening sir,
    please i have a 3D TECH 9900HD decoder, which software should i use? it was auto rolling before the attack.
    Thank you sir. Please kindly help me out.

  5. Pls Pls can anyone help me with the software to fix viral attack on my SRT 4669xii. It goes on standby.pls its important. Thanks in anticipation

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