New Frequency and Symbol Rate for HD 24 on 57.0E

August 2nd, 2016, MTN Worldwide carried out it normal routine maintenance which was to our favor. Why i said to our favor was, it’s been real headache getting the hd 24 on 57.0E which is the most stable amongst all the other sateliite it is being located on. The upgrades, gives signal improvement and their was change of Tp and SR.  So if you have been having issues with hd 24 on 57.0E, just get a good single solution lnb and you’re on the go.

Most of installers, i mean Cband installers have been nailing the bird with 1.8m dish. So if you have 1.8m dish pointing to the west alone, i mean the hd 24 on 34.5west, you’re wasting your dish. Just as usual, track hd 24 on 57.0E with (3800 V 19999), with glass, and get above 78%, skew your lnb to 3′ 0clock, and watch HD 24 pop out. If you use single solution lnb, 17k noise, even though you didn’t achieve the minimum required signal quality, lets say 58%, your hd 24 will be stable because the higher the noise, the better the signal quality because you’re converting a circular beam to linear. You can add another lnb on top your hd 24 for HBO (68.5) as i doubt if sony will pop out.

If you already had the setup, just delete all the channels and blindscan to get HD 24 with more additional channels on new TP.

hd 24 tp

The new TP is ( 4132 H 11250)

N:B. If you’re using strong decoders, like the 4922a, after you blindscan, don’t forget to edit your ident by pressing “8282” on your remote. If you’re using any auto roll decoders out there, just delete the previous channels and blindscan, it will automatically play.

All this guys knew perfectly that the new season will kick off soon, so they will perform upgrade. So if you want to keep using powervu, you will need auto roll decoder. Don’t be deceived with all those guys making noise about powervu decoders auto rolls with the help of internet. An auto roll decoder works just as the same as an official decoder. What i mean is, official decoders and auto roll decoders will update keys same time, same seconds when the service providers change keys. “Gsky” is the only auto roll decoders that performs that, that’s why it’s somewhat expensive. Others, while you’re watching match, if there’s any key change, you will have to wait for the owner to update keys before you will use internet to update the current keys. But some other decoders auto rolls same time but you must have an active internet connection on your decoder. Another decoder which match my taste is “SuperEsat”. Gives you additional 8-15% signal quality irrespective the decoder you track with and it holds signal far more better than qsat, uses sim card slot as well.

Don’t forget to order for an andriod tv box if you want to watch EPL, UCL etc or any football league this season.


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30 thoughts on “New Frequency and Symbol Rate for HD 24 on 57.0E

  1. Pls i want to switch from west to this new tp of the sport 24,can you tell me the additional channels i can get from that position?

  2. Hello pakogist, a friend of mine has an android box but he keeps complaining of buffering when watching live events, and the network in his area is we have a guarantee if we buy urs it will be ok. I have airtel 3g in my area. Thanks

  3. Hello Mr Pako,I really enjoyed ur tutorial its indeed educating.I want to share with u that I got sphd24 @57E on 1.8m with the 74% most stable sat

  4. I nail sky sport 1 with 3800 V 19999 on 66 percent but could not get 4132 H 11250 and it is showing scramble. Pls is it the same as in sport 24hd. If no what will I do next

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