New Frequency and Symbol Rate for Sp24 34.5W

Once again, the tp and sr of our darling sp24W has been changed to 4096 H 16908. Also another good news, there’s about 10 – 12% signal increment. All my clients i installed HD 24 on their 1.3m dish already confirmed it, even those using 1.8m, which means 1m dish with conical scalar ring (CSR) should work just fine. I’m sure about that in my location so it may not be so on yours. If you discovered signal increments up to 10% after entering the new tp, you can try your luck with 1m dish using DONTELSAT single solution Lnbf, because it’s the best lnb for 1.3m dish aside Eurostar single solution which is sold closed to #9000 now. More details about DONTELSAT lnb would be discussed later on.

So, just delete all the previous channels, rescan or enter the tp and sr manually and hit scan, then wait for it to come up, don’t tamper with your dish, it was a change of TP and not change of dish position.

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19 thoughts on “New Frequency and Symbol Rate for Sp24 34.5W

  1. pakogist plz i nid ur advice.Apart from sports24 @ 34.5 east wat other satellite can i track with my 1.3m dish. its rili wasting.

  2. hi pako any news on 57e,for hd 24?it seems they have reduced the signal strength.what do yu have for us in east africs?

  3. Pls my qsat 13 stil displays bad signal even when I entered d new frequency and symbol rate. What can I do? I was enjoying before on 22W wit d former frequency and symbol rate. Is it a must I touch d dish to 34.5W? Or wat can I do pls.

  4. Hello Admi. I need your guide. My dish was tampered last week…. Now, I have tried to nail 85% on 3777v3777 but sport24 and others are not coming. Only Atlantic, Nta and other two are coming. What might be going wrong?

  5. Mr. Pakogist which is the easiest transponder should some one use to easily nail 78e?
    Thanking you in advance for your eponse,

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