New Hope for Azsky Users

This is good news for all the lovers of Azsky. on the 27th, july 2015, 10:43pm , two stations was opened on Azsky which worked for more than 2 hours before it went off again. It later came back after some few hours with about 7 more stations added and was very stable before it went off. I spoke with their Engineers the following day and he told me server would be restored very soon but they won’t tell date. So that’s solved…right? All what we need is patience.

For the Qsat fans, qsat q26g,  speed HD1 and q28g is currently blazing on canalsat. Incase you don’t know, supersport3 is on canalsat and good sport channels that’s reliable and better than dstv but just that it speaks french. I have been enjoying copa ameria and womens world cup. It has been very stable compare to dstv on qsat.

There’s also account still available. 2 in 1 account unlike others that sells separate account for canalsat and dstv. And it’s just for #3500. I can’t list stations working here as it’s not safer as well.

In the meantime, enjoy while it last!!

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