New software release for Qsat now fix no audio issues

This softwares are specifically for those that downloaded the previous released softwares from qsat for powervu.

You may recall, the last softwares was so buggy to the extent that it drop signal by 8% and also no sound at all. Mind you, if you’re not using your qsat for powervu, don’t download this software. Although it has been confirmed working and audio sound issues has been fixed.Also it’s not a must download as maybe incase you plan to use powervu in  the future. Before you download the software to your respective decoders,please note the following;

  • It doesn’t increase the amount of channels on your qsat
  • It doesn’t solve the little freezing issues on  the dst* side on qsat
  • If you have an active account on your qsat, avatarcam or spycam, it will erase it and you will need to purchase another account
  • I have received reports that it doesn’t open sony packages and some HD 24
  • You may need to enter the keys manually
  • Remember qsat was initially designed for ku band. Powervu is Cband, so it may not work or perform to your expectations.
  • I haven’t install the software to my own qsat decoder because i use strong for powervu which is the best amongst all powervu decoders, so i may or might not give you the best answer if you have any issues while installing or using it for cband
  • I will not be held responsible for any damages incurred while upgrading your decoder
  • Use a clean flash drive to download the software and upgrade, NB: Don’t ever use PHCN or whatever they call their name. Generator is the best recommended or anywhere you know you can get uninterrupted power supply
  • The software is just only an addition for powervu use.

It doesn’t add anything to your qsat, like picture quality or whatever the case may be. It’s just a fix for lost sound on previous software. After reading and noting all this points, proceed before by downloading the software on your respective decoders.





Other softwares will be added as soon as it has been made available.

























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