New Software release from Qsat v8.03 Auto roll BWTV and Powervu keys

We received new set of softwares on some of the qsat decoders, yet, we have been unable to find out the exact problem it would solve. Some say it opens dstv on spycam, some say it auto roll bwtv perfectly and stable on cccam while using GPRS and 3G modem.

I have yet to load the software to my qsat as currently, the version i’m using auto roll powervu keys i needed and also perform wonderful on cccam for 9east.

Since Qsat has become the best auto roll decoder out there, if yours isn’t yet performing the majic, download and load the softwares below to your respective decoder.

It’s not a must to download all software version of qsat and most especially those that don’t even have powervu installed. We all know Qsat has never done anything 100% before. So if you’re loading the new patch to your decoders, you do it at your own risk.

Get a clean flashdrive, virus free, download the software for your respective decoders and upgrade.

N:B pakogist would not be in anyway held responsible for damages occurred when trying to load the new patch. You chose to do this because you have been doing it.

Download the softwares below;

Download, extract and upgrade to the new 8.03 version.

File 1:Q26G sw
Download Link:

File 2: q23g sw
Download Link:

File 3:
File Name: q28g sw
Download Link:

File 4:
File Name: q11g sw
Download Link:

File 5:
File Name: S1 sw
Download Link:

File 6:
File Name: q13g sw
Download Link:

My next update will be how to use cccam on qsat with simcard inserted into it as well as on strong with pictures for those that keep sending emails and calls.

If you already tracked 9east and need a legit and stable cccam, hit my email (, whatsapp and call 07066330624)

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4 thoughts on “New Software release from Qsat v8.03 Auto roll BWTV and Powervu keys

  1. Hi dear Sir
    I have my Master 2 min I want software for auto roll.
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Jamiru Zakaria.

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