New Spycam software for Qsat Q28G and Q26G,bEIN Sports update and FTA

If you could recall, i once mentioned in my previous post that qsat would be releasing a new software to view expiry date and upgrade of account on their decoders q26g and q28g.This was contrary to complaints from their customers that they could no longer view and recharge their account of those decoders. You can get the softwares from pakogist downloads area.
It would interest you to know that,Qsat has changed the name of their account on some decoders. for Q11g,Q13g,Q16,Q23 etc. they make use of “Avatarcamcode” while Qsat Q26G,Q28G and SpeedHD 1 Make use of “acam code”. So should incase you need an account from anyone, you should know what you need in other not to buy the wrong account for your decoders.
Currently, Qsat is working on Dstv but few channels for some days now but currently working on canalsat but with
annoying freezing. We hope for it improvement as the upcoming new season is closer. Till date, no news from Azsky and i can’t tell when it would be back as some guys always call to ask me when Azsky will be back. I’m also a subscriber and a fan like you and also an anti-dstv.

BEIN SPORTS(CBST on Eutelsat 7E w3a)
Bein sports came back on W3a with another name on same satellite few days ago, we were very excited and won’t keep our mouth shut. As to my own point of view on the satellite world, it’s either it has been reported by DSTV, or they have finally scrambled the channels as we all know it came on ‘xcrypt’ which simply means its not editable. i.e, No room for manipulation or Biss key.So stop asking me for Biss key. Verdict; I won’t stake my Money as it’s 10% certain they will open it again.

As a premium member on a satellite forum for years and had dropped a request since 2011 to their admin as others were doing to get me a good FTA channels for sports alone and football. They heed to my request after 3 years,lol, and provided me with some, but i was heavily charged.
For those interested and has from 90CM dish above,NB;(location might force you to use a bigger dish(CBAND)) there’s an FTA station strictly for sports which i’ve been watching for months now with my 1.8M dish. (The bigger the dish size,the more channels you will get).It came with Biss key and in English commentary. Airs EPL,UCL,FA and some laliga matches. I’m not dropping it for free and risk my money going down the drain. If you’re interested in joining me enjoying the channels, i will just request a token from you.This will encourage me to make more researches and keep you from Dstv exploitation. My contact details is on the site contact page.This is for stricly business. Don’t bother to contact me for the satellite position as i won’t reply.

Question: If the FTA exist, lemmymorgan would have dropped it for free or others.
Answer: Lemmymorgan will drop it for free and give you premium accounts if he gets it for free. Even our politicians we voted in to power can’t stop dstv and our ISP from exploiting us.
Question: Will it last forever?
Answer: I will only deceive you if i say “something last forever”.
Question: What are the dish sizes?
Answer: Depending on your location,some 90cm will work,some it may not. Get close to an installer for advice.
Question: Why are you requesting for money? Can we trust you?
Answer: It would last longer if you pay for it as you will protect it from dstv. But Not sure what you mean by trust. Paying #3000 for data bundle for IPTV to stream a match and or paying #13000 for premium dstv package,and fueling your Generating set before you can watch a match?
Question: Will you come and Install it for us after we pay?
Answer: Don’t even dream about that.
Question: What decoder would you recommend?
Answer: Original Strong HD decoders.( 4922,4922A,4950,and Above)

In summary:
Azsky… Need a prophet to raise it dry bones!
Qsat… Fighting for survival and last man standing!!
Bein sports… Gone so soon!! Maybe Not…
CCCAM… On the Last day!!
Irib… Hoping till my Male cock grows teeth..
IPTV… Not possible in Nigeria as long as we are being exploited by our ISP and Poor internet services. Prove me wrong by submitting an article and i would publish it here.
DsTV.. Of course, We employed a hacker with salary worth $121 Trillion dollars,so you must pay back our money.

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