Newbies guides to the Android tv box- What is it and what you can get from it

I have to come down very low in other for those that have been reading my recent post on Android tv box to enlighten you how it works and what it’s all about. So many people still asking if it’s like qsat that goes off and on, or would get scrambled and if it could also go off like other dongle. The thing is, Android tv box have been existing for years, which is 100% legal. For free, you can watch contents on it without paying a single penny for more than ten – twenty years, depending how good you are in managing electronics.

The name should tell you that its an android box , if you have a quite new mobile phone (one of the touch screen phones ) then chances are its an android phone . You will notice its got a lot of apps (applications ) like google and facebook , google maps etc etc , well an android box is very similar except of course its not a phone lol .

An android tv box very simply allows you to view on your tv lots of tv channels , tv shows , live sports (premier league ) , movies including movies currently in the cinema and more all free . Most movies are dvd quality and there are even blue ray and 3d movies , but you will of course need a 3d tv to view 3d content . But new cinema movies can vary in quality .

There are many apps that can be easily installed that will allow you to watch reams of free tv shows and entire seasons of tv shows in top quality all free . There are also niche apps for people to watch old classic tv and movies , as well as plenty for the kids , and even a good selection of adult fare , and as i say its all free.

Very simply put these boxes have two formats for viewing , thats xbmc and android . There are some great android tv apps but most apps are watched via xbmc . You will here people say KODI just so we are clear kodi is the new name for xbmc .


There are numerous types of android and they come in different shapes . i call them mx android but mx doesnt necessarily mean one specific box type , it covers many android boxes . different makes of android boxes will have different firmware just like different satellite boxes have different firmware . for example enigma 2 box images on the whole may be essentially the same they will be modified to suit the box type they are designed for . different types of android boxes will have different types of firmware but usually the xbmc side is pretty universal . that said there are different versions of xbmc called frodo and gotham etc , very simply put gotham is the latest version and frodo is a bit older . as you can imagine (like with a sat box ) there are software changes over time and new versions are released and new apps are made , old apps may not work with the new software and vice versa . this is life , but that said some people have the older frodo for example and have few problems , but you can get apps that will work fine on one version of xbmc but not on another .

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 3.04.10 PMb



From the picture above it may look big but in reality it would fit in the palm of your hand , its about 5 inches wide on all 4 sides . These andriod tv boxes have wifi , just like your laptop , so all you need to do is add your wifi key and your away . And the wifi works ok i have to say , but it works via ethernet cable also .


You can buy these boxes (at an extra cost ) fully loaded , fully loaded means it comes with all the best apps pre installed and basically the box is ready to go , just connect box to the tv via the hdmi cable , and of course plug in the box . but that said as with sat boxes if you basically buy a plug and play box you wont really learn , but i suppose thats up to the individual .

Here are more images on some of the boxes we have, fully loaded for free if you buy from us;

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 3.04.10y PM WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 3.04.10 PMw WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 3.04.1m0 PMw WhatsApp Image 2016-09-03 at 3.04.10 PM

When you receive your mx android box as i said earlier chances are it will atleast come with the basic android apps installed and also xbmc installed , all be it there may likely not be any xbmc apps installed unless your box comes fully loaded .

The first thing you need to do (obviously connect the box to your tv via hdmi and plugin ) is to connect your box to the net . You can do this wirelessly quite easily . when you first power on your box (depending on the model you bought ) you will see an android picture followed by mbox , and then you will see two white boxes which are the regular launcher and the 3d launcher . i just use the 3d launcher myself . so use your remote to highlight the 3d launcher which is on the left of screen and press ok button , you may have to do this twice or 3 times.

I will stop here and continue later on my next article. Like i keep saying, if you’re a hard core football lover, you really need this devices, the bein sports, sky sports, btsports, ptv sports etc are on this box totally free. In other to enjoy fully, whenever there’s a football match, just subscribe to any data plan, good thing we have cheaper data plans on all network providers. For an example, you can get 3gb of data from glo for #500 every weekend, this alone can give you 3-4 live matches at a go when streaming on a lower resolution channels. On of the installed apps on the andriod box provides 2G and 3G options.

We have cheap portable 3G router

Also airmouse for easy navigation.


To purchase any of the devices above, 3G router airmouse, auto roll decoders like superesat and gsky, email (, call or whatsapp us through 07066330624.

The comment box is still open for any suggestions, contributions or other satellite related questions or issue.



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  1. I am in Ghana and I will be in need of the device how do I get it and how do I connect it to my TV to enjoy the ever entertaining experience u just talk about.

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