Playing Around With The New Andriod TV Box

I’m very happy for those that already gotten this box from me as they keep calling and expressing gratitude for such a wonderful discovery. Many called and emailed that i should make more proof as they haven’t heard about such thing and have never seen anyone using it.

Well, the truth is, you’ve been really missing. I will be doing less typing but with more pictures as you don’t believe you can watch anything on this Andriod TV box connected to your TV with blackberry subscription of #1000 for 5Gigabytes monthly. Don’t be deceived by those writing articles on buying decoders outside the footprint of west africa as you’re on your own. They don’t use it. They act as a third party,collect your money, send it to another person in east africa, that person will buy it with his name and activate it and send to the third party which they will send to you. Lifetime of such decoders are always 36-48 days. I’m talking from experience. I have 5 viewing centers and professional installers i pay salaries in my disposal so i know what i’m saying and also have all kinds of dish sizes.

Back to the business of today. I will be talking with pics from my TV and i’m sure this will be self explanatory and for also the doubting thomas.

This is the main interface of the Andriod TV box on my TV

full menu

Now this is playstore.

play store

Here am signing into playstore to download apps

login to playstore

Now i already searched for simple server and open vpn to tweak using MTN BIS

play store

Now i have downloaded simple server and openvpn. Here are they;

installed apps

Time for tweaking simpleserver and openvpn.

configure ss (2)

configure ss

Openvpn Turn> Now you have to click on import and locate .opvn file. get them from my friend’s website(


Now i already subscribe for MTN BIS. what i need to do is turn on my hotspot on my phone where i inserted the SIM and then go to settings and click on wifi on the andriod tv box and add network from my phone’s hotspot.

network settings


Now i have added network and configure my simpleserver and openvpn. Now i need to locate browser on the Andriod tv box and search for TV app. The TV app to download is mobdro.Although i have another app that i use personally and will only install on the andriod box for my customers alone.


Now i searched for mobdro app on google.

searching mobdro

So i clicked on it and it took me to where to download.I downloaded and here’s it on my download page.

downloaded mobdro

Time to Install mobdro app.

install mobdro

Time to Flex mobdro with my simpleserver and openvpn. Mind you, mobdro has all sports channels including bein sports. It also has 100s of movies, adult channels including husler HD,cartoon,zeetv, and much much more. download it on your andriod phone and see for yourself. Me i’m only interested on the sports so i only took pics of sports.

enjoying mobdro

Incase you don’t know, BTsports is 1000% better than supersport so as skysports. They show anything called football even though na dog deh play ball, they show it.Let me also bring to your notice that it’s not only simpleserver you can use on andriod devices as you can use psiphon handler and vpn.

Now tell me what other cheaper means to enjoy yourself with less data for even #70 for 5Gigabytes daily,#350 for 5gb weekly and #1000 for 5gb monthly with so much great fun? Join us before it’s too late. less i forget,you can also root the andriod tv box and this current version that runs on the box 4.4 kitkat.

model number


  • This is not a dongle that you will be scared of dstv blocking it.
  • You don’t need dish.
  • You can connect with hdmi and AV cable to your tv.
  • Doesn’t use modem and sim card. It uses wifi and Ethernet. Our modem here is built to support windows alone.
  • You won’t build house for mtn in other to enjoy this device rather they will clap for you for utilizing your opportunities.
  • It can use keyboard,mouse,memory card. It’s plug and play.
  • Can install any apk apps as long as it’s andriod.

To get yours, whatsapp me on 07066330624 or email me

I send the box to Abuja ,lagos,ekiti,ibadan,osun through bus. The rest is through courier.

shipping through dhl

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