PowerVu patch softwares for Qsat Q26G and Q28G

Just like i said on my previous post that you don’t need the Gsky powervu decoder to watch premium channels with powervu, Qsat has also proof it to you as well that you don’t need to purchase any decoder to watch scrambled premium channels. To know what satellites you can get for powervu, read this post HERE. For now, Qsat engineers only provided powervu patches for Qsat Q26 and Q28G decoders which i’m sure they will also release for all their decoders. You can get both softwares from this links below;

PowerVu Patch for Qsat Q26G

PowerVu Patch for Qsat Q28G 

For those that already downloaded the softwares, you don’t need to input any key for you to unscramble powervu channels. It does that automatically, just to be sure you point your satellite dish to support the channels.Should incase your software doesn’t support auto key update, you will need to follow these steps below to enable is;

Menu>multi media>Enter 1506 from your remote> And Enjoy!!

Just a reminder that only sport 24HD works for EPL on powervu. The rest are high class premium movies and entertainment. Qsat is still dancing to the tune of the recent dst* upgrades and we pray they survive the surflock.

The only authentic alternatives are, IPTV set top boxes and Andriod set-top boxes. If you really want to know what is feels to watch sports with ease, do yourself a favor and get one. I can still be reach through info@pakogist.com and on whatsapp +234706630624

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  1. Hello i tried this software for q26 but it didn’t work with powervu or is there any thing to after putting the software.

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