PTV Sports and Barca TV New Biss Key

PTV is another FTA channel with high quality signal and wonderful pictures. It has English commentary for those that have issue with language. ptvsports is a c-band channel and can be received everywhere in Africa with a required dish size ranging from 1.8mtrs. It airs
only the EPL and La- Liga football matches but prefer cricket to football as its a pakistan TV station. They broadcast all Epl matches during the day ( but only when there is no live cricket )and la liga including mid week matches. Its on paksat 1r at 38e freq 4007 v 3333. Very easy to track since its signal are strong and no di-electric plate required in the lnb.

Also, TP: 4004 V 15555
Biss Key: 51 32 13 00 9A DD EC 00

Asiasat 5 @ 100.5E
Barca TV(Feed)
TP:4174 h 7500
SID: 0005
Biss Key: 86 33 BA 73 C5 86 33 7E
Ligue 1… Asiasat 5 @ 100.5E
TP: 3907 H 6666
SID: 0001

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