Qsat “CONTACT YOUR DEALER”, Panic or Hack?

Top of the day to you guys.Once again i’m here to update you on the latest events currently going on the dongle world.There has been panics all over the place about the latest event on Qsat decoders ,i mean the “CONTACT YOUR DEALER” messages that pops up after the decoder connects to server.Last night i was flexing my Andriod tv box watching chelsea ,Arsenal matches playing champions league and i saw some notifications on my phone and missed calls. when i checked, almost all of them saying same thing, “what’s going on with qsat pakogist? it suddenly start saying we should contact our dealer” My response was that they should be patient that it might be an error from the server. After i gave it a thought and i had to woke up at 3am in the midnight to call one of my contact in china working with qsat, he didn’t answered my call. I put another call through my supplier that supplies me qsat account, he told me something seems to be wrong somewhere that even the qsat engineers are confused what has gone wrong. I now read somewhere that “QSAT SERVERS CAN’T BE HACKED” . I just smiled at it and say well, that guy just entered lagos. Even PSN network(playstation),white house and top obama officials computers ,dstv servers and other top satellite providers servers are being toyed with with hackers let alone a shared VPS server.

Well, the truth is, it’s been days i turned on my Qsat as i already packaged it and dumped it in my store as they seem to be getting worse. Someone called me that Esat decoder is out and uses Qsat server. That brings me to this next story.

I’m a programmer in profession and there’s what they call, “TRY and CATCH” in programming but with different Worden on some of the programming languages. Let me come down soft here. If i purchase any recharge MTN pin from one of the MTN shop outlet and load it on my phone,and that card is not valid instead of me getting “error”, the server will rather tell you the exact problem like echoing out something else, like “THIS PIN HAS BEEN ALREADY USED”!!! This will now act like a proof and make the seller refund your money or give you another recharge pin. what i’m saying in essence is, if an event doesn’t occur, there won’t be an error message on server to my own best of knowledge. I don’t want to rush down to conclusions to say that Qsat servers has been hacked as i feel pity for those that are already falling unto another scam by purchasing Esat decoders that many claimed it uses Qsat servers. If your own decoder is prompting that message, just relax, don’t panic. don’t follow follow and fall into pit. I keep saying and telling guys that the days of dongles is gradually coming to an end but it sounds funny to some ears. Do yourself a favor and make the final switch. This “CONTACT YOUR DEALER” can be from even Dstv but it may sound funny to some ears. when you’re trying to login to server that taps from some other source, it will echo out something just to tell you that you have been restricted.

Do yourself a favor and make the switch. Nothing like watching live football matches on HD without freezing or channels scrambling with just #70 on MTN or #50 on Etisalat. on tuesday evening, i subscribed to #70 BIS plan and used it to watch UCL matches on Tuesday and Wednesday on cloudTV. Join the fun and don’t be left out. Andriod Tv box  and IPTV is the future. Many have gotten theirs from us and are testifying. to order for yours, email or call,whatsapp info@pakogist.com, o7066330624.

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