Qsat q26G and Qsat 28G to get a new type of account.

I just received an email from the qsat Engineering head that a new type of account will be out in two weeks for only qsat 26g and qsat 28g. This was in result of missing xcam setup on the respective decoders. Also, another software would be out to fix missing channels. But for those that had sports channels missing on their decoders, add this TP and scan manually.

Also the new software will fix annoying freezing on canalsat..

More updates coming soon!!!!

ss3NI and ss5NI… 12207 H 27500


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4 thoughts on “Qsat q26G and Qsat 28G to get a new type of account.

  1. By Qsat Q26G has not been working for the past 3months in the name of “DSTV servers are off. When is this getting fixed, I bought it with 2 active account, but I was interested in the DSTV I could only watch the “DISH” channel and some CCTV channels, so when is this getting fixed

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