Few days ago, i unleashed softwares for  some qsat decoders. As at this post, all qsat decoders and A+ decoders are currently blazing on dstv. So if you’ve not updated your decoder to the latest decoders, get the softwares for Q11G,Q13G and Q23G HERE.

I received so many emails and calls that after the update of the decoder, some menu and other stuffs are missing.

After you update your decoder, please follow this steps to make it work;

  • After Upgrade my xcam setup is missing: It is not missing, it is hidden, to reveal it press>menu>>setting>> Ok button>> then dial 1512
  • Rescan your channels, goto installation>>default password which is 0000>>Antenna Setting>>Change Satellite to Eutelsat 36A, 36/ 036.0E>>press blue button on your remote to start scanning>>another window will pop up change scan type from manual to Blind scan>>press enter and wait till everything completes.
  • Re-activate or view my avatarcam code?: Menu>>xcam setup>>avatarcam HD>>green button or red button

For those that needs account for their decoders, account will be available next week as we need to monitor it progress and stability before we start to sell the account. Also, A+ accounts are not available now as work is still ongoing on their server. Azsky would be joining the party soon.

I will be updating this same post with unfolding events on the dongle world.

Hope you have a blissful weekend ahead!!!

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