Reasons Why The Android Tv Box Is The Best Alternative For Small Dish Users And View Center Owners

On this article, i would be sharing some few reasons why the Android tv box is the best alternatives to the small dish users and also those that might be considering using it for business, most especially the view center owners.

Due to the living standards in the country, most of us have been seeking for cheaper means on how to watch soccer, most especially the English premier league, laliga, bundesliga, UCL, europa league, etc this also results to the in-flock of dongles as a cheaper means of watching our favorite football club for more or less free. We have been experiencing the declines of dongles and this has since caused panic all over the place and also some satellite such as the sports 24 that we just recently lost. Many of us have been coming up with some questions that are yet to be answered like, when are we getting back our dongles, what are the cheapest and best alternatives to watch our favorite football club, why is it that no FTA for small dish users and also why is all this stuffs getting blocked?

The thing is, as technology grows, contents providers, most especially those having sporting rights don’t want to lick their wounds after spending huge amounts of dollars securing television rights. You may also ask, why do our FTAs doesn’t last? Now the best answer to this is, if you’re a content provider and have sold five decoders and you always see twenty (20) online, what would you do? I hope you would look for a way to delete the fifteen other strangers from your server right?

Moving forward, i would be sharing some few reasons why the Android box is just the best alternative for now and in the future;


Economical in this sense. Our aim here is sports. Apart from sports, no paytv provider would want to collect huge amount of money from us just for old movies and news which are all free all over the satellites. Take example for Startimes, consat and gotv. The maximum subscription they have to enjoy and watch good programs are from #1,900.00. To watch all football leagues and competitions, we have to pay close to #20,000.00. Apart from that, except you have solar power, you buy fuel and which could up your monthly expenses to an additional #10,000 or thereabout. This is one of the reasons people prefer patronizing the pay per view owners to watch their team playing. Now if you get any of our boxes which could be found HERE you only need to spend some amount of money for data. Good thing, we also help in getting very cheap data for our customers and also unlimited data for a token on the best GSM network in Nigeria.


Satellite television providers choose what to give you depending on your pocket, while you choose what you want to watch if you get any of our fully loaded box for any amount you have. Even if you purchase data for as low as #1,000, you choose what you want to watch.


Last season, many view center owners that purchased our boxes to show the pre-season came back to thank me. A single match, after removing money spent for data, most of them make #4,000 upwards per match. How about out of five view center around your area and you’re the only one showing pre-season friendlies, you should know how much you would be smiling home with right? One thing people don’t know is, information is power, now you have the information, use it to make money. Our cheapest box is sold for approximately #16,000, the MXQ PRO 4K.


Like i had mention earlier, reason we spend so much on satellite subscription is just because of sports. Now let’s say you get data for #7,000 for unlimited without data cap, you save more than #20,000 monthly and you would also watch anything and everything with it. You could as well travel along with the box, connect it to any television, turn on your WiFi and you’re on the go.


People tends to choose satellite over IPTV just because of stability. But in a mere fact, when it comes to comparison and entertainment, IPTV is just far better than cable TV in many sense. Latest movies, music, porn, cartoon, Tv series and lots more. Android tv box, you can get all television channels in the world on just a single box with just an application, while cable television, the maximum you get is 1500 channels, while you get over 20,000 channels on our box, so it would all depend on you how many channels you want to watch.  One big secret on any internet streaming devices are, the higher the ram, the lower the data consumption.  Explaining further, if you purchase an internet streaming device of let’s say 1gb ram, for an example the MXQ PRO 4K , if you had so many applications loaded to it, you would find out it would be hanging, skipping. Now the data would act as complement to enable you stream contents without skipping and buffering because you might have used up all the available space on the box. Now if you  go for higher boxes, like the X96 quadcore , M8S , V99 Majic , and other of our higher devices which you could find HERE, you should notice that when streaming any content, your data won’t disappear quickly and you would experience zero skipping or hanging. Buffering occurs if you’re streaming contents from third party applications and also poor network connection. Good thing, we have joined the jumia anniversary promotion and have slashed down most of our products. You can visit our shop to choose the best box that would suit your taste.

Want it fully loaded, no ads no buffering applications? Chat or give us a call 07066330624.

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