Things to know about the andriod box

In the past weeks or let me say month, i have been talking about this andriod box but many interested buyers always find it difficult to read through past articles and keep asking same questions “what is this andriod box” and “Tell me more about it”.

I have once again taking some time to do justice to some frequently asked questions and i hope this should give you an insight on what you want to buy and about the andriod box.



Why Purchase from Pakogist

Pakogist offers superior  programming and service, All of our units come complete plug and play no computer skills needed,  we provide excellent after sale technical support to all our customers by phone,email or facebook.

How does the system work?

The content is streamed through the internet directly on to your TV screen. The box connects to the internet via a LAN cable or to your wireless network.  Then the possibilities are endless, movies, Tv shows, Live Sports and much much more…  all for FREE

Are there any monthly subscriptions?

No, Once you have your unit, everything will update automatically  completely free, never another payment.

Can I watch Live TV?


you get thousands of International Live channels from Afghanistan, Albania, AngolianTV, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrianian, Bangledesh, Barbados, Benin, Bosnia, Brazilian, Burkina, Cameroon, Chad, Colombian, Cuban, Czechoslovakian, Danish, Dominican, Egyptian, El Dalvadorian, Ethiopian, France, Gabon, German, Ghanian, Honduras, Hungarian, Indian, Iraqian, Jamaica, Jordanian, Kuwaitian, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigerian, Norway, Pakistani, Palistinian, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rican, Qatar, Romanian, Russian, Senegal, Somalian, South Korean, Spain, Sri Lanka, Swedish, Syrian, Tamil, Thailand, Tunisia, UAE TV, United Kingdom (UK), Venezuelan, Vietnam,  and many more…..

How much data should we be anticipating for a month

All our boxes are already configured and tweaked for unlimited streaming. Currently we are giving out majic unlimited data sim with 6 months validity period. After the six month, you would need to pay at most #1000 for subscription which is to be used with the softwares on the device for unlimited streaming

How long does it take to get the box after payment and what are the payment options?

All orders are processed and dispatched same day if we receive payment before 12pm. However, if you can’t send payment to us through our bank ,you are welcome to give us a call and we forward our shop address to come pick it and pay. We accept bank payment for all orders in Nigeria, rapid transfer through ecobank in Ghana and Western Union across other African countries. All deposit after 12pm will be processed and dispatched same day for those in the west and next day dispatch to those in the East, south and north of Nigeria

Is it Legal?

YES  all of our units are fully legal streaming is completely legal. It’s not a dongle so it has nothing to do with the so called Dsthieves

Do you supply IPTV channels or subscriptions?

No, We are not affiliated or support any IPTV channels or subscriptions.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

You need a stable internet connection. Although i have tested it many times that streaming live matches on kodi ,EDGE will do. The faster your internet speed the better the quality will be for viewing. Especially when viewing HD programs, you need at least a stable 3G network.

In sumarry.

Did you missed the league cup finals? If you do, then you need this device.


If you think dongle will be back or waiting for Qsat, you’re really wasting your time. No matter sizes of big dish you may have in your home, it won’t give you what’s on the andriod box. The device is cheap.

Interested buyers can always reach me pakogist on (, 07066330624 on whatsapp or call)

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