Receive more than 150 FTA Channels with the new SRT D85W Dish

STRONG has released the first Multibeam dish available in Africa which gives access to more than 150 Free-to-Air channels (requiring no Subscription fees).
As you may have read in various threads (d**v attacked dongles & cccam accounts), the Free-to-Air Channels turns out to be the best alternative for those who can’t afford the high cost of pay TV subscriptions.

However  receiving a high number of FTA channels can be a challenge as it  requires several dishes  to receive the different satellites that broadcast FTA channels.

Some Installers are creating homemade multiple LNB holders in order to receive the Satellites. Unfortunately such installations are often sources of issues as they do not withstand the wind & heavy rain. LNBs are so moving & the signals are lost.
What can you receive with the Multibeam Dish SRT D85W ?

Now with the SRT D85W it’s possible to receive with ONE SINGLE DISH 7 satellites !
– Eutelsat 36A at 36°  (DSTV)
– ASTRA 2F at 28,2°(Multi TV)
– Badr 5 at 26°
– Eutelsat 16A at 16° (My TV Smart) &  Amos 5 at 17°
– SES 5 at 4,9° & Eutelsat 7A at 7°
The number of Free-to-Air channels can vary but as of today you can receive more than 150 FTA channels.

The installation of SRT D85W required skilled installers. We watched the video & read the “SRT D85WInstruction guide” & it took us about 1 hour to mount the full system. It’s kind of tricky to receive all thesatellite but if you follow steps by steps the guide, then you can receive easily all the satellite.

Note that the below steps are very important to receive & maximize the quality of  all the satellites:
– Use the second hole on the pipe as mentioned in the Instructions
– Track the first signal Eutelsat 16A/Amos 5 with the LNB placed at the center of the LNB bracket (focal point) then track Eutelsat 36A then SES 5. As soon as you receive the 3 satellites, it’s very easy to catch Astra 2F & Badr 5.
– Connect all the LNBs to the receiver using one DiSEqC Switch.

STRONG Technologies released a video in order to teach installers how to install the Dish. In fact the usual logic of dish installation is not respected with such a multi-beam dish as the dish has to face a special orientation/elevation in order to receive all the satellite.

Main Advantage of SRT D85W
– You can receive more than 150 Free-To-Air Channels with one Dish,
– You don’t need to install several dishes & so you save place, time & money,
– This dish is specially manufactured to optimize the signal of all the satellites,
– The dish is strong and can resist to wind & rain; end-users will not loose the signals,
– You will have a unique state-of-the art product !

You can watch the installation video here:


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