Satellite world End of the year Updates (Part1)

Compliment of the season to you. I pray xmas will meet us with joy and happiness.

Here in this update, i would be rounding up events from january 2015 – December 2015, and also what will should be expecting in 2016. Part 1, i will be summarizing performance on all dongles and FTA and also other alternatives that unfolds in 2015. Part 2 and 3, i shall be also discussing the way forward and what we should expect in the coming year.

First i will start with dongles. To say the truth, the chinese has really done a wonderful job for we Africans, giving us the opportunity to watch paid Tv for let me say free. So far, they fail to protect their server and which let to total downfall and end of the road for dongles on dst*. Qsat was only the last man standing and as this post, only spycam is currently working 85% on qsat. To my knowledge and what i’ve discovered in the past, canalsat always carries out massive upgrades every january. once in a year. So i can’t really tell how strong Qsat servers are and if it will withstand the surflock when unleashed. For now, if you Qsat account has expired, i will say, buy at your own risk.

PowerVu. This was supposed to be a perfect alternative for us, but unfortunately, only sport HD24 that was doing fine. But due to recent popularity across Africa, it has been a thing of key changes every 48 hours. Powervu was discovered after the massive death of all dongles and so far, it has been doing fine and those that are opportune to purchase bigger dish are enjoying it. Also the discovery of scalar ring also makes it possible to track sport HD 24 with 90cm dish.(If you need the scalar ring, you can contact me and i will get it for you and also an installer any location or state in Nigeria) 

This also provide opportunity for the chinese to start milking us as they could no longer revive their servers. Lately, there has been some in flocks of decoder that was claimed to be Auto roll for powervu only. The truth is, there’s nothing like Auto roll on any decoder, we only have Auto update. 

Strong decoder has been the best FTA decoder for Africans and is still the best. We are still opportune to watch some premium channels through powervu keys because they haven’t found solution yet to block it. If anyone is telling you that powervu is a forever thing and you need to get an Auto roll decoder, i’m really sorry for you. If you have strong decoder, keep changing and updating the keys yourself which won’t cost you anything or take 80 seconds of your time to do. when powervu goes off, the number of dead decoders in your possession will keep increasing.

Bein Sports decoder. This is for the viewing center guys. In the past months, dst* has make life difficult for themselves by increasing subscription for all of it packages which really affected the viewing center business. I will always say this, if you really want to make a living from viewing center, get yourself 4.4M dish and bein sport decoder. Don’t ever go for any IPTV decoder or the so called Auto roll decoders. It’s never an option and would never be an option.

FTA . My last updates, i dropped some satellites for FTA like MBC 1-4 HD which was recently scrambled few hours ago. Due to Abuses, we have lost so many FTA and as for now, apart from SES5 and few channels on 3w, 7e, there’s none. Except for those that can hunt Nilesat if you have a bigger dish. The era of biss keys for FTA is gone as almost all the satellite providers are using conax encrytion methods.

IPTV vs Andriod Box. Apart from powervu, the only best alternative is Andriod Tv box. I have made lots of articles on this explaining the reasons why IPTV is the future using Andriod box. Let me refresh your memories once more.

The future is IPTV. It’s spreading faster. Andriod box is currently 40% the highest purchased order on the internet as at latest report.

The reason why Andriod box is preferable are;

  • No downtime
  • No freezing channels
  • No scrambled channels
  • Minimum of 3G network
  • No dish requires
  • Can be tweaked to stream unlimitedly with as low as #70
  • Can’t be blocked. Doesn’t require you to be skilled before you could use it
  • Can watch all kind of movies,porn,music,sports,all football leagues across the globe, unlimited entertainment etc
  • Plug and play.
  • Can browse with it, download and install over 1 million Andriod apps from playstore, whatsapp,skype and lot lots more.

Reasons why IPTV set top boxes is not an option;

  • server downtime
  • Freezing channels due to slow or poor internet speed.
  • Consumes huge amounts of data.

Heavy subscription for IPTV server yearly. Infact to complete 90 minutes football match on IPTV set top boxes, you will need as least 2GB of data which to be is just as allowing dst* to keep milking you. And also due to slow and unstable nature of our internet, it can never work on any IPTV set top boxes. So before you decide what to buy, take all this into considerations. We still have in stock Andriod set top boxes for unlimited streaming with #350 weekly.Why not entertain your guest with new things and have lots of fun this festive seasons rather than searching all over the net for keys and being deceived with the so called Auto roll decoders?


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