Satellite World reviews for 2015 and update for 2016

I want to use this opportunity to welcome you to 2016, thanks for the messages, text and little gifts. I really appreciate!!

Pardon me for not updating you guys all this while. I had to spend sometime with my families.

I will be starting from let me say “brought forward” from 2015, what we should be expecting in 2016, recommendations and the future.

In 2015;

  • All dongles was attacked and only Qsat survived.
  • No working cccam for dst* or canalsat except Qsat
  • Qsat still finding it difficult to breath on 36.0E, but rule canalsat world
  • Powervu came from nowhere and is now the talk of the town
  • HD 24 and PTV sports now rule
  • IS-20 rules laliga,italian league and FA cup world
  • Andriod box was released to the public as the future on IPTV world which has been spreading all over the place
  • 90-100CM dish doing majic on nss20w
  • Canalsat on Qsat works like official decoder of canalsat.
  • Powervu decoders introduced to the market, which has been tagged as “Auto failure” as some of it has been acting up
  • Strong 4922A tagged “Best FTA decoder” of all time.

What we should be expecting in 2016;

  • HD 24 continue to rule as well as PTV sports
  • For now, Qsat is still the only dongle opening dst* but epileptic, while canalsat working like an official decoder
  • Chinese will keep pirating the air with more dongles
  • Tension as sport 24 is becoming too popular and anything can happen
  • High expectations on new discoveries on the satellite world as PTV sports is now confirmed receivable in Nigeria
  • More dongles for Dst* and canalsat
  • Andriod box being the talk of the town will drive faster to rule the land as the only alternative and future as IPTV is the future
  • Dst* expected to attack once more
  • Prices of dongles and dongle accounts on the high due to high rate of dollar to naira

In summary, just like i keep saying, “Enjoy while it last” and “time to switch”, there’s no alternatives than IPTV, (Andriod Box) which is the future.

Do you know that PTV sports is now receivable in Nigeria? Update coming soon on that.

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