Signal lost issues on HD 24 34.5West and how to fix it

I was telling my closed friends and fellow installers that they should get some sachets of paracetamol down that HD 24 on 34.5w will soon start acting funny. This was like two to three weeks ago. I got many names because of that.

I was watching a program when one of the guys on one of my group called that signal has dropped to 0% and flashing on his 1.8m. Also similar issues to some of my clients i installed hd 24 on their 1.8m dish. So i will be sharing with you what i did to bring back the signal. I also shared it on the comment form and it has been working for some guys.

This is the era where we need quality cband LNBF. I have many cband lnbs and spend alot stocking them because i know sooner or later, we will hardly find one.

If your signal had dropped to 0% or still flashing, follow this tips to fix it;

  • Remove the yellow biscuit on your lnb. Go and cut glass.
  • Insert the glass, enter HD 24 TP (4090 V 20670), and then start by skewing your lnb to different positions.
  • After you might have skewed it and still no green, then you need to check the quality of your NTA. Make sure it’s above 80%
  • Now insert your glass again, skew your lnb and placing the glass in the correct position, it should flash. Once you noticed it flashed, just hang on there.
  • Now carefully move your dish to your right while standing infront of your dish. You should get a stable signal
  • If after performing all those steps, still not hitting green, then you need to get another lnb.
  • Make sure you disconnect the cable from splitter before you do anything. Splitter i bought for #2000, claiming to be original only worked for two weeks, it’s dead. So to get original LNB and all this stuffs, you will have to order them online. But be careful as most of them online are scam.
  • This is funny. Your HD 24 might show, but NTA is off. So you need to make sure you know what you’re doing because if you scatter your setup, you will find things difficult.
  • Also try to engage the service of a professional Cband installer to help you fix it. I be installer and i fit do no follow for this matter.

If you had try this on your own and you refused to call an installer, please don’t call me.

Temporarily FTA as of 07/09/2016

I decided to hide this on this post so that before you finish tracking it, it will still be showing…  😀 😀

Do you guys remember this?


CBST. You guys might have forgotten but it has been FTA for some days now. But i’m 100% sure this won’t last for another 24 hours. They will spread it before midnight. I decided not to watermark the image so as those concern will do their job.

CBST 1-8 now working as FTA on 12728 V/H 30000 at Eutelsat 7.0E with your much adored HUSTLER HD. Enjoy while it lasts.

You can track it with 85cm dish upwards. So enjoy it while it last. And don’t call me and ask for keys if it goes off.

Someone told me his cccam is showing more than 20 channels. I smiled and asked him to disconnect his network. He did and the channels are showing. All SABC channels and more are temporarily FTA on ses5. Just enjoy them while it last. It’s only FTA on 2 TPs. But i won’t drop it here. Just keep checking th channels and you will find it yourself.

This is also one of the reasons i discussed multiple lnb holder with you guys. so that once you get any updates from, you will just turn on your tv and check, instead of calling installers or running around to track it or buy another dish. With 100cm dish, you can add 9e, 5e, 7e, 16e and 28e conveniently.

Don’t wait for me to remind you to install from 3.6m dish for EPL or purchase an Andriod box.

Enjoy while it last. Make use of the comment form if you need any help, someone will attend to you.

For business purposes, (, whatsapp and call 07066330624)

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14 thoughts on “Signal lost issues on HD 24 34.5West and how to fix it

  1. tnx Oga Pako dats exactly what i did yesterday and my sport 24 is back and questions is are thy changing position or reducing their beam?

  2. bros is the CBST 1-8 still running? Mine is saying ” service not available” pls help if there is something I need to do for it to run if it is till FTA tnx

  3. Sir, I want to know if there are good cccam accounts that are able to open bein sports and osn on nilesat and packages on hotbird and other premium packages receivable in africa with a 4meter dish

  4. hi boss
    please I am unable to open your site on my windows phone unless android photo. this problem has been there for a month now. Try and resolve this as soon as possible coz we are missing out especially those of us using windows phone

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