Simpleserver Unlimited browsing on MTN

Download Simpleserver : Here

Get Auto Proxy as well.

Follow this Instructions to set it up;

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows..


Port: 8080


Save And Activate it,

Set the new created apn as your default settings.

Go to simple server and configure the settings:
Proxy host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Injection Method: get

Injection querry/url:

Injection Host:

Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

Buffer size: 8092

concurrent connection:10

Log level: debug

Close the settings

Settings for auto proxy:
Click on then option button to view the menu option then click on creat new proxy…

the proxy host:

proxy port:8080

proxy type: HTTP

then save and connect….

Launch simpleserver.exe and set your browsers to point to with port 8080

You could as well Download proxifier and make it run on your system without configuring your browsers and applications


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