Sky Sports Powervu Key is back

Without wasting much of our time, i will drop the latest biss key for Skysports powervu key on NSS. Here we go;

BF 5E EB F5 FA F1 A5

F5 13 9A 14 66 5D 24

Copy cats over to you. don’t forget to link back to pakogist as source. Enjoy while it last.

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4 thoughts on “Sky Sports Powervu Key is back

  1. Hello Sir, thanks ever so much for your continuous education to us in the satellite world, for me i am a beginner and my huge appeal to you at-least give me the size of dish to use to track those beautiful sight you are providing to ease our method tension for me especially because here the other day i fail on getting sport 24 on my eight feet pen dish for good two days and got tire and thought that my dish is not met for sport 24 and other powerVu channels, a powerVu channel i ever got on my eight feet pen dish is on Hotdird 13 east (BWTV) is ku i was very happy.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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