Softcam key for auto roll on all strong 4950 decoders

Last time, i published an article here on how to make strong 4950 and 4950H auto roll HD 24. It seems 4950 series has been gradually spreading and i want to bring you this good news that whatever the series you are using, be it 4950A-Z, you can now convert your decoder to an auto roll machine rather than wasting another money to purchase any of the china toys.

Now make sure the latest software version on your receiver is up to v3.55p. If you have met that requirement, just click the link below to download the softcam, put into a clean flash drive and upgrade your receiver.

Download softcam key for 4950 series HERE

After downloading and upgrading, just blindscan on 57E irrespective of your HD 24 satellite, it should come up. It also auto rolls sony on 68.5E.

N:B. I won’t be held responsible for any hard brick or softbrick of your decoder if you fail to carry out the instructions above. If you need help, just use the comment form below this article, you would surely get help.

Watch out for my next article on Esat Q19G 4 in 1 china toy.

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24 thoughts on “Softcam key for auto roll on all strong 4950 decoders

  1. Hello sir, thanks so much more for the newly update and let God continue to add more knowledge on to you.
    please i need your advice, that is, i’ ve copy the patch to my usb stick (unzip), i did see softcamkey 88kb than ok on it for the update process what i could see is, FAIL.
    What could be the problem sir?


  2. Boss Pako, I’ll like to commend you for your good works you’ve been doing for yor teeming followers; for keeping your followers updated on isues in respect to dongles & other related issues, & also the prompt manner you respond to the concerns & challenges of yor numerous followers. Keep it up & May God Bless U Abundantly. Please, do those of us who own QSat decorders A Favour by Appealing to the Manufacturers of Qsat to release an Auto Roll Software, to enable over millions of Africans who purchased QSat decorders to enjoy MTN 24 HD & Sony Package, in order not render our Qsat Decorders Useless. Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Thank you very much for ur support and contributions, Sir I tried it
    on my strong receiver 4950m wit an updated version of 3.55p but it failed, wht can I do please. Thanks

  4. thank you for ur support and contributions, Sir i hav Strong receiver 4950m with V3.55p and i downloaded the softcam but it failed. pls sir help me out

  5. sir pls do u hav an idea why d signal of sony packages on alphabox x4 doesn’t stable but if i use it on 4922a shows signal strength of 68% and stable. pls show me how to make d signal on alphabox stable. tanx

    1. Generally, alphabox have bad tuners. There’re tons of complaints about the box. You should gone for the one i recommended to you guys.

  6. please, can you do us thus favour sir, kindly paste a link of the extracted file because it didn’t work on my 4950E after extracting the file, the size after extracting is 32kb.

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