Sony Entertainment on 68.5E and 66.0E To Change Encryption From Powervu to Tandberg in January 2017

Without being bias, i will still tag sony entertainment as the best premium channels we currently have now. Lalila, italian league, FA cup, european qualifiers, name it, they’re just superb.

Last time, when i was researching on sony packages, i discovered that they’re currently doing decoder swapping which will end December, 2016. The reason for the swap is just to effect encryption change, but good thing, it seems the encryption change will still be favorable in one way or the other. I mean, if they go all tandberg, we only need to capture EMM keys and continue enjoying it till they get tired and change encryption which will even take them like another 10 years to do. Another story is, since sony entertainment on Asiasat 100.5 has been blocked, videoguard added, we thinking they will also add a back-end security like videoguard as well. But all things being equal, we just have to keep our hands crossed and hoping that it favors us. Now check this out from DTH Sports;


Also, i picked this up from one of my source;

Good News!!!  Sony Entertainment Package at Intelsat 902 @68.5°East & 66°East will on January 2017 change their channels encryption from PowerVu to Tandberg.     Source > Khamisi Fadhili @ Sports DTH. Presented by IA Babakarami

Incase you don’t know, tandberg keys are just similar to powervu and also has been compromised. If you could recall, etv entertainment at 3.0W and CBNC on 68.5E are on tandberg and we’re currently watching it, so if sony goes all tandberg, we will only just upgrade our decoders to continue from where powervu stops. This is also one of the reasons why i keep advising my followers on receivers to put their money on that has future. Qsat had regretted releasing softwares for their other decoders because they thought we would all rush and buy spyscam codes that won’t work for 2 hours. So i don’t see Qsat supporting any encryption because they only make their money from selling codes, from IKS and they had already start producing new decoders, so be wise.

Andriod tv box has already taken over, so try to get one for yourself 😀 😀

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