Starsat cccam update and how to measure data on different iptv servers

For some days now, i have been frustrated by some wicked guys out there because they felt i’m giving them headaches and spoiling their business. If you could noticed, i have removed some of my own articles i researched and published on my blog. They went as far as copying exact post, post it on their blog and reported to google of stealing their content, which they copied here, and i was seriously penalized. But i’m sure as the truth keep prevailing, i will keep on doing my best and things will get back to normal. If you’re the person doing all this, i will keep killing your business and shame to you for trying to feed your family in a deceit way.

To the update of the day, or let me say an apology to those that bought cccam account for starsat from me and other installers and dealers out there.

As we all know, cccam and dongle are illegal means of watching premium paid tv and without notice, the service provider can shut down any loopholes on their server, thereby making all cccam or dongle going off. Just as i keep saying and will keep saying, cccam or dongle isn’t expected to work as normal official decoder. It’s a used while it last thing and also “buying at your own risk”. For some few days now, some channels, especially the local channels are off on starsat, we underrated starsat, but they carried out little upgrade and the local stations are off for now. Only the indian channels and other premium channels are currently working. Don’t be deceived, there’s no cccam in respective of the port or seller that is working fine now. They have promised to rectify the problems and hack back the channels but one of my main source, a hacker told me that it’s a closed case. so for now, keep managing the one showing and i will keep you updated in the case of any new development. But i assure you that good times are coming back. we will still get means of watching the paid premium channels for less.


For now, spycam is doing fine on all Qsat with their latest software. But the question is, can they maintain the tempo?

Data issues vs Iptv servers

The best bet now is Andriod box. But the other thing is, some dealers will tell you that andriod box won’t work without iptv account and that the data consumption rates which i once published are wrong. It’s easy to criticize because of lack of knowledge. Let me break things down for you on how your data disappear when streaming online or on andriod box with and without iptv servers.

Have you noticed when downloading softwares or files from some website, you will get download speed of 1Mbps and some website, with your same network and the download speed won’t go above 200Kbps? This is just a typical example of what i have been saying all this while when streaming on any media devices.

I recently got a test account for iptv and installed the app on my box, while with 108Kbps, the programmed apps on my andriod box will pick and play fine, while on the iptv server i got test, it was around 400Kbps before the channels could stream, both on same resolution. Although, some iptv servers runs on dedicated and cloud servers, while free apps runs on shared VPS server. But most times, you find out that even the free apps, they are very stable more than the iptv servers. Now if you buy 1gb of data and stream on a channels that load from 108Kbps, won’t it stay longer than the one that will load from 400Kbps? This is just what i want to point out. Buying a multimedia box, subscribing for IPTV account of about #8000 monthly is just as subscribing to dstv plan without headache. If you get andriod box from me, you only need to spend a token on data. I don’t care what other people tell you, but i’m just telling the real fact. I know much on all this stuffs and i’m sharing my knowledge with you base on what i have not through google and “i hear say” stuffs.

I’m currently negotiating price of iptv account that opens Dstv channels with the server owner, and the channels are streaming from 88Kbps and very clear and stable. With this, if you have andriod box, you can conveniently watch all sport channels including other packages, local and international.


Before i go, make sure before you go to bed, always disconnect your cable from your dish to your decoder and unplug your tv from the socket to avoid stories that touches. I can’t share my past experience with you here, but just an advice. Also, my sympathy  goes to one of my big follower that lost all his decoders and electronics due to lightening. It’s not easy in this struggling times, but you will bounce back again.

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10 thoughts on “Starsat cccam update and how to measure data on different iptv servers

    1. Maybe you’re the one doing all this? Didn’t you saw on the image and on the copied article?

  1. Please Which indian stations and other premium showing @pakogist. Can you give a list let’s see if it shows in mine.

    1. AMC movies, ST novela or so, and others. i will update you once more again in a few days time. work in progress.

  2. Good evening Sir, I have a problem and i dont know what to do. My account cant open all the channels currently opening on startime especially the chinese channels. what could be the problems? My signal strength is 64% and quality is 68% with ty 12420 H 27480. Server is Is there something i am not doing right?

    1. Please contact your supplier. Secondly, your signal quality is low. Try to get above 85% and blindscan again to get more channels which i think will open with your cccam.

  3. hello pako, do you have multi lnb holder and how much? and also, which android box do you think is the best in the market and how much does it cost?

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