Status of Azsky,Qsat,FTA and the New Andriod TV Box

I’m back again on regular updates on the world of dongles and FTA. As we all know and incase you don’t know,and for also those that keeps calling that Azsky is back, It’s not back.It’s still in coma and i can’t put my money on it as Dstv vowed to kill all dongle. Dstv has successfully merged it cards on it decoder and i think it locked Azsky out and they are finding it though to hack in. We were hoping then that qsat will share knowledge with them but in the world of business, mama and papa no deh there. So in summary, Azsky is still dead as at this post, maybe miracle can happen soon, but i’ve moved on with other latest technologies.

Qsat has been wow for some days now and for me, i won’t score or praise them as i don’t trust them for a bit. They successfully gave us all sports channels but they said ‘half bread is better than non”. We have to manage it despite the annoying freezing when live match is on.On the canal aspect of qsat, it’s totally failure as they can’t address the issue. Soon there will be a major upgrade from dstv and which they said they are going HD on all their sports channels which i think will be the end of qsat. who knows maybe they already planned ahead for the war.

That brings me to this. EPL TV rights has been awarded to BTsports and Skysports. So i don’t really know the fate of dstv as 4- years back when HITV won EPL right, they didn’t even allow dstv to air any important match. The only interesting match dstv shows then was between bolton and westham when they were both fighting for survival in other to avoid relegation. So i  can’t really tell if this will also be the case. All we do is keep watching as the rights begin 2016.

People across africa keeps calling that they heard BIS KEY is available for bein sports. When i reply that there isn’t, it will sound as if i needed money to release it. I keep saying this, Biss key for bein sports CBST is not a reality as the channel can’t even be editable. If peradventure something happens, you will first get it here.

Someone called me that a a guy called “GIDEON” with satellite group name “SATELLITE GROUP UPDATES” created a whatsapp group and uses “pakogist’ as admin name and collected money from so many guys as he was part of the group. He provided me the number which i keep calling and not available. I want to urge you to stay away from groups or forums requesting for money for information or anyone parading itself as ”pakogist”. My contact details can be found on this website and you are free to call and confirm anything before you transact with anyone as i can beat my chest that nobody will scam you if you call me for advice. I started with freebrowsing 7 years ago and there’s nobody you will ask if you know “PRESS2” that will say no. So please be watchful and save your hard earn money.

Most of the FTA like MBC i posted on my last article, i was informed that it has gone off as i’m not a movie fan. I will just research ,confirm and drop what i found. There’s this TP on Amos 5.0E that shows live soccer. Just blind scan your decoder.

Also, i decided to drop this for guys for soccer. Nilesat 7.0W, 11555 V 27500. I will remove it after 48 hours to protect it for you. I won’t answer any call pertaining to this. I got it with 1m dish, ku band. so good luck hunting!!!



As i keep saying and telling guys which they are now responding to, IPTV is the future. No wonder we have new technologies like Andriod TV box. Some people still doesn’t believe it but it’s real. I also received an email from a manufacturer that he wants to send me a sample of his windows TV box for me to test if it would be cheaper to use here. It’s still in transit to me and i will inform you guys of my finding.

Last weekend , i unveiled the Andriod TV box and it has been a big revelation. I have so many guys here in my area using it on their viewing center. I can beat my hands on my chest that even supersports 1-4 HD, all bein sports, and sports channels, HD and SD are on the box. Maybe you should view this images.

Bein Sports 2HD. barca vs Sevilla last night.

1 (7)

1 (2)



1 (6)     1 (1)

I still have some boxes left. If you want to join the fun, contact me. I will also provide supports after purchase to set it up with simple server and i ship out box through DHL.

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  1. Hi, I have a mxq android TV box but I don’t use it because of its data consumption. Please, how can I use it with less data per day.

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