Steps and guide on how to nail Eutelsat 9B at 9.0°E

Do you guys remember when i first posted hd 24 on pakogist that it could be also nailed on 90-100cm dish? For weeks, people thought it was just a mere post to deceive people, but good thing, even a blind man can easily track HD 24 on 82CM dish. This also applies to Eutelsat 9B at 9.0°E.

Last week, i broke the news here which has been gradually spreading across the town but till this very moment, many of you are still finding it difficult to nail this bird. Some are saying it’s a scam, while some say it doesn’t exist. Like i said earlier, the bird is very trickish and the easily way to nail it is understanding the degree differences and lnb positioning as it’s totally different from other bird you can easily track with the 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock thing.

Do you still remember the “TRACK CANALSAT,THEN MOVE RIGHT,RAISE YOUR DISH UP TO GET HD 24“?  same also applies to this bird. Now the TP 11938 H 27500 on Eutelsat 9B at 9.0°E appears on different satellites 5 east, 7 east and also on 36 east as well as 9 east.

Now i will guide you on how to easily nail this bird. This tips were compiled based on research and success stories from those that already nailed it. In the west, east and south Nigeria, i advice you avail yourself 1m dish, while those in the north can use 90cm above. 95% of success stories from those that already nailed the bird base on my findings uses “consat” dish. So if you already have a consat or startimes dish, follow this guidelines to nail yours.

  1. Get a good premium lnb. Fuji, star gold, premium lnb and any other good lnb except strong lnb
  2. Cut the back of the lnb. You don’t know what i mean? Check this pics below;

cut lnb cut lnb2

3. Now track madagascar with 11192 H 03210. After you hit green, input this 9e TP 11938 H 27500 and skew your lnb to 5 o’clock. While standing at the back of your dish, move left by little and bring your dish down. If you’re facing your dish, move right a bit while you bring the dish down a bit. In most cases you rock up and down but not more than 2 inches from madagascar.

4. Another option. Track zuku with 11.2727 H 27500, when you hit green then you’re in 9e already. Just change your TP to 11.938 H 27500, lnb at 7o’clock. Pics below;


Image provided by LAYI

When facing the dish, bring down your dish a bit and move right. Move left if you’re behind the dish. Rock gentle, you will never miss the signal. If you follow all this steps, in no time, you should be able to nail it easily like dstv or joytv.

After you nail it, next thing is to get cccam. If you need the best cccam, stable and legit , you should contact me.

Other Updates in summary;

  • Just as on my previous article, i mentioned that the bird hosting MTN worldwide on NSS7, 20W is set to expire April 2016, See below, but no news yet whether the bird would be replaced to continue it transmission or they will be moving. We still have HD 24 on 2 other satellites anyways.
  • Satellite Name: NSS 7
    Status: active
    Position: 20° W (20° W)
    NORAD: 27414
    Cospar number: 2002-019A
    Operator: SES S.A.
    Launch date: 16-Apr-2002
    Launch site: Guiana Space Center
    Launch vehicle: Ariane 42L
    Launch mass (kg): 4692
    Dry mass (kg): 2500
    Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
    Model (bus): A2100AX
    Orbit: GEO
    Expected lifetime: 14 yrs.  Now subtract 2002 from 2016 and keep the answer to yourself.  source (
  • Nothing to be scared about as 9east is there and also we have sony on 68.5 which are still hot and fresh as ever
  • Qsat to me is a “Mission completed” dead if you want me to be sincere except you are reading from other blogs that will be deceiving you that it will still come back, thereby collecting your money for account which you would never use.
  • As much as there’re options out there with the newly discovered Eutelsat 9e, do yourself a favor and make the switch to “IPTV” on andriod box.
  • To be sincere, apart from the “MX, MXQ,M8,M8s etc and other M series boxes, if you get other andriod boxes apart from the aforementioned, you’re on your own. You will never use it. I use 3 different brands of Andriod boxes in my home same time and i can beat my hands on my chest for you to go for it. You can buy it elsewhere and come to us for programming, which you will be charged or you get it from us fully programmed for free.

All the same, this is temporarily and FTA Won’t last forever. cccam is same thing as what we have as dongle. If you want freedom and unlimited enjoyment, Get yourself Andriod box from us.

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