Steps to successfully nail sport 24HD on 90-1.6cm dish

Few days ago, i let you guys know that there’s more to you 90-1.6cm dish than only using it to watch joytv and other FTA with less entertainment.I revealed the possibility of using 90cm dish to watch the popular sport HD 24 which links directly to SS5. I read from some blog that it would never be possible that even 1.8m would be difficult. Also from those same blogs, i have read that you would have to track NSS7, canalsat, then remove the ku lnb and replace with Cband. Well, what i will say about this is that, they do copy and paste just to sell the accessories needed to track it that’s all. Most of them don’t even know how to track cband dish same with lots of installers out there. I decided to educate and guide you guys on how to easily nail the bird with few little tricks and to also educate you on how to use the conical scalar ring as it settings is very technical. After my last article on using 90cm to nail HD 24, i received lots of calls, emails and so many whatsapp messages from installers around Nigeria and other West African countries.

Now please note this few hints before we begin the tutorial.

Scalar setting is very technical.wrong placement despite strong signals can make signal unachievable. If you fail to achieve the required signal, you may begin to think that your lnb is bad, which is not or maybe thinking your dish is bad.Don’t ever have it in back of your mind that you can track canalsat and replace the lnb with cband on 90cm-1.6m dish. It will never never work.You will only end up having sun burns and malaria without achieving anything. 

Why do we use this conical scalar ring? It’s simply because it convert your dish to offset dish thereby deceiving the satellite making it think its a bigger dish.Using it for a circular fibre dish is self made research and not recommended.

It will cost you lot of money to learn how to install cband dish or track it as it’s totally different from ku band.But i will give you guys for free as it gives me pleasures sharing my ideas to hardworking guys like you out there and also liberating us from dst* and the chincos milking us.

Let’s begin the tutorial:

Firstly, for those that have from 90-1.6cm, this is basically for you. whether you want to do it yourself of invite an installer, just read this tips and follow them carefully.

What you need is conical scalar ring,cband lnb with di-electric plate and your dish. Below is the image of a conical scalar ring.




Now to begin, we have to let me say configure cband lnb on our 90-1.6cm dish and to get the correct settings for conical scalar ring to easily track sport 24HD.

Now, use the cband lnb holder that you bought along with the conical scalar ring, attach your cband lnb and use the small ring the came along along with the lnb. First, we have to track NTA on intelsat 27.5W with TP 4119 v 2893. You will have to use di-electric plate as it has a weak signal. Now the most confusing part of this is that, 90% of we installers doesn’t even know how to position di-electric plate when tracking. This is how to place di-electric plate on horizontal (H) from the image below;


And below is how to place di-electric plate on vertical (V) position;


Now, after you tie your lnb to the dish and place the di-electric plate, stay at the back of you dish and start playing around canalsat position and set your lnb from 5 o’clock position. Rock it slowly upwards and you should hit green, when you hit green, tie the dish.Now take off the white ring you attached to the lnb that came with the cband lnb. Now fix your scalar ring. You will notice that when you’re fixing your conical scalar ring, the signal will start increasing rapidly. Here, you should be able to get the highest signal after  you tie the conical scalar ring to the lnb to increase the signal. Now we’ve just configured our 90-1.6cm dish with cband lnb.  🙂 🙂 🙂

After achieving that, it’s time to track HD 24. Now lose the dish again carefully without touching the lnb and conical scalar. Enter MTN world wide TP. 4131 R 15404 which is same as (4131 H 15404). carefully remove the di-electric plate and place it straight,horizontal position. Now dance around same position and your dish facing up slightly , you should easily hit green with 2-3 minutes. After you hit green, you can now tweak your lnb to at least attain more than 47% on 90cm and 50% to 60% on from 1-1.6m dish. This is easy, educating and interesting right?.

I’m 1000% sure that after reading this tutorial, you should be a local expert on playing with 90cm dish with cband lnb.

Happy hunting and goodluck to you. Less i forget, copy cats you’re welcome to copy and post on your blog. But don’t forget to link back to pakogist as source.

Also, Andriod box is still the talk of the town and hot selling.100% recommended as the way hd 24 is becoming popular, soon, it will permanently go off. To get the necessary accessories and original cband lnd, as well as Andriod box, (, o7o6633o624 through whatsapp)

Cheers and merry christmas!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Steps to successfully nail sport 24HD on 90-1.6cm dish

  1. This post just made me smile as I already put my plans to get C band channels on my 10year to do list. Space is just an issue for tenants especially in Lagos. Thanks a while lot for your write up. Really very enlightening and reaching out to my installer ASAP. Keep up the good work!

  2. I landed on this site cos I have been finding the satellite since yesterday but all I could get is just 25% of signal quality. Please how can I boost this signal to at least 50% Am using a 180cm dish and I live in Bayelsa. Thank u

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