Switching from Cable and Satellite to Andriod TV box(IPTV)

1. Is your Internet good enough?

The first thing to check is to make sure your internet speeds are good enough for IPTV. For majority of people this will not be an issue. However in reality you will likely want something faster and more reliable. At peak hours (usually between 6pm and 10pm) your neighborhood might be experiencing stronger network load. For this reason your internet might be slow and channels skipping or freezing when watching. Not to mention in reality you will be streaming even slower when done through Youtube or any other service for that matter. So i suggest you study the best stable network in your area before you even think of switching to IPTV.

But in our own case, thanks to simple server,psiphon handler on andriod using MTN and Etisalat BIS which you can tweak on this Andriod TV box and watch any channels of your choice without the fear of heavy charges from our so called ISP exploiting us.

To test your home internet go to http://www.speedtest.net and perform the analysis. That will give you a good idea of what internet speeds you are getting at home. We also suggest to do this during peak hours to avoid frustrations when streaming.

2. Choose your box without risk.

You may want to ask. How do i choose the right box? You have many options to choose from and it really comes down to how much you want to spend and what kind of content you want to receive. There are two kind of categories that we like to go by; Kodi based boxes and IPTV based boxes. All boxes are technically IPTV based as you stream television from your internet but we categorized it differently as there is no other formal definition but the way you get content on each device is different.

The most familiar box that you have heard of is likely the Kodi based boxes. These are pretty much all Android boxes that focus on Google Play apps and Kodi to deliver the TV experience. If you are not familiar with Kodi it is essentially a community driven platform/media center for your television box. There are hundreds of addons you can install onto your Kodi and they range from free movies, TV shows, live events, sports, games, music, and pretty much anything you can think of. They are practically all free as well. Check out http://kodi.tv to get some more information.

The second kind of box is an IPTV based box. These boxes are designed with the Live TV aspect in mind. These boxes are best for those that can’t afford the to be exploited by dsthieves paying up to #13,000,00 monthly but expecting the same kind of service. These boxes provide a similar service through their stalker middleware portals and have built in EPG and channel browsing. The only thing is it requires a minor setup before you can jump and start watching television. You need to find a server and they almost always require a subscription fee. This may be bad if you wanted to cut monthly bills all together, but in hind sight they only cost a fraction of cable and satellite and offer practically the same service as cable and/or satellite. There are really only two kind of boxes out there right now which are specialized for this service. The AVOV (TVonline/VIXO 2) and Infomir (Mag250/254) boxes are the ones you need to look out for. Both are great but the AVOV boxes also offers Kodi as an extra application you can download. So not only can you get the live TV from those boxes, but you also get all the features that Kodi brings.

Choosing between the two categories is up to you. Both box types have their benefits but it comes down to what kind of TV experience you really want. Do you want a more streamlined app based experience or one that is more directed to watching live tv similarly to cable or satellite. While both kinds cross over within each other, it really just comes down to preference. Both options are good you should take a few minutes to look at some screen shots of multiple boxes. Once you have decided which category appeals to you more, then look at the boxes that are within your price range. You shouldn’t really worry about the choice as it isn’t all that important. You will likely enjoy any box that you choose and in the case that you are stumped just go by reviews. The new Andriod TV box guarantee you the best satisfaction and it’s cheaper unlike other Andriod TV boxes that you need to subscribe to IPTV and need heavy data before it would even connect. I often make use of the hotspot on my blackberry Q10 to share internet and watch football without skipping of channels and also psiphon handler which to me is better than simple server. Make the choice now before it’s too late. Mind you, not all Andriod boxes you see online that gives you all this;

superspors 1 (6) 1 (5) 1 (3) 1 (2) 1 (1)                                                                                                                       if you doubt me, any andriod box you see online, download this pics and forward to them if you can get all those before you make purchase and watch for the response.

3. Test it along side your cable or satellite service.

Now that you have the box you need to make sure it’s good. We are confident you will make a good choice but if you are indecisive or are stumped, feel free to contact us about the boxes. Now play around with the box and see how it performs. Google is your friend and you should use it often to find out what cool addons or applications you should put onto your device. After giving it a few days see how it compares to your cable or satellite service. If you can see yourself only using the box then it is good for you. Compare the amount you currently you pay for television subscription and the services rendered and really see how valuable this box is. Dongles are not even an option to compare with as it will disappoint when it matters most. Millions of people have already made the switch so you shouldn’t feel scared to join in as well.

4. Make the choice.

Now you know what to choose. Andriod TV box with almost all sports channels in this world, dsthieves with their normal exploitations, QSAT playing hide and seek game. Cutting your cable or satellite at this point is as easy as a phone call. Start saving on your television and join the community behind the IPTV movement. The technology is only getting better and better and it’s a matter of time before everybody is making the switch. This content is not for everybody but you should be more than able to find what you need. In the end it comes down to you. It was worth the chance to try something new and you didn’t risk losing out on anything. I want to help you get the best cheaper and possible TV experience and we respect your decisions as a consumer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding making the switch.


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