Temporarily Fta For Small Dish Users

While some FTA has been on for some days now, i will share the most important once with you so that you keep yourself busy and enjoying it while it last.

Before i proceed, some guys have been fighting me about giving fake information on TVM1 i published some days back. The good news here is, TVM2 has been added and there’s hope on both channels if you have been opportune to watch what they dish out.


At least pictures doesn’t lie. Maybe you might say “it’s photoshoped?”

Just to bring to your notice that there’re some FTAs on Eutelsat 16e, the new mytv position. Infact one of the good news there is, cccam is now working on most of the important channels there. I have been watching some of the channels with the cccam and it’s opening the porn channel on the satellite as well and i can say for now it’s 98% stable. We all know the stories behind cccam business.

To track Eutelsat 16e, Just get from 60cm dish for good signal and track with (11804 H 30000 or 12522 V 30000) Blindscan after hitting green and watch all the premium channels on this TP for free (12522 V 30000) . View images below;

16e fta1


16e fta2

If you want to add it to your qsat setup using diseqc, in other not to make qsat giving you headache, make sure you hit above 75% unless it will do some crazy DJ stuffs for you.

Eutelsat 9e, AFN packages are also there for small dish users, powervu keys needed to watch it. Good thing, they don’t or let me say haven’t changed keys for long so don’t start thinking about saving to get auto roll decoders. Also champion tv is still FTA for now and HOT TV is showing football during the day, and porn at night.

If you ever want to watch EPL this coming season, you should opt for andriod tv box. Checkout some crazy bonuses MTN gives out during weekend. 

» Buy 750MB for N500 and get 3.75GB FREE DATA. Dial *131*103# to activate. Bonus is valid till Sunday 11:59pm.
You’ll get a total of 3.8GB (3.825) for N500.
» Buy 1.5GB for N1000 and get 7.5GB FREE DATA. Dial *131*106# to activate. Bonus is valid till Sunday 11:59pm.
You’ll get 9GB for N1000 in total.
» Buy 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB FREE DATA. Dial *131*110#. Bonus is valid till Sunday 11:59pm.
A total of 21GB for N2000 is what you’ll get.
For instance, once you activate the one of N2000, you’ll be instantly credited with 17.5GB WowWeekend data, which can only be used at weekend. After the weekend, you can now use the normal monthly data which is 3.5GB.
To check the remaining data balance on any of the wow weekend offer, kindly dial *131*4#.

So i keep wondering while some guys keep complaining about data and claiming is still expensive. Well, keep your eyes and ears open widely. Installers are now selling andriod box. It’s a matter of time, soon you will believe and join the train.

For cccam on Eutelsat 16e, i’m still considering if i should put my money or not. Why i say this is, i lost so much on the then startimes cccam account. I’m not complaining because i pretty know the rules and regulations behind dongle business, IKS and SKS.

Andriod box, wireless keyboard + mouse, portable 3G router combined with powerbank is available.

portable router

Portable 3G route + powerbank


Wireless Keyboard and mouse


Fully programmed andriod tv box to watch anything and everything for free without paying a dime, and no dish required.

For purchase, please email, call or whatsapp (info@pakogist.com, 07066330624)

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