The New TELBOX T1 HD Decoder From Qsat, Andriod TV Box, Dongles Update

Don’t panic nor rejoice! This is just a clone of Qsat 26G and a change in brand name. Yes. Qsat team has stopped producing some of it decoders most especially Q26 and Q28G respectively. Well to me i won’t blame them as they knew that Nigerians and africa is always a place where they can produce toys and dump it here which we will rush to the bank and start uploading money to them. I see no reason for this new decoder.Just as i used to email them about complaint on their services, they keep saying they will fix it but it’s getting worse. This is just their behavior since the introduction of dongles to Africa. Rather than improving on their services, they will keep producing more toys, change the model name and brand and start selling it to us as they knew we don’t have a choice and must buy it.

First i will like to inform you about the current status of Qsat before you rush to the bank and throw away your money.

For the past weeks or so, Qsat has been terribly bad, i don’t know if to say worse. Last week a guy called me that he needed Qsat account. I said ok,i will send you my account details which i refused. After about 2 hours, he called and called and i replied him that i will like to enlighten him on the current status of Qsat since it’s been long he watched it as he said he just moved to another location. I advised him to be patient until the service at least improve. He insisted and i sold it for him which he activated it and confirmed it has been renewed. The next day, he called me that his qsat is not showing and it will show once and off that i gave him shared qsat account.I told him it’s a general thing that qsat has been bad for some weeks and he was angry and started raining abuses. You don’t really need all this stories but this is just how i felt i can enlighten you on it current status. I’m not trying to discourage you or influence your decision. Just that, it’s high time we let the chincos know that we are not fools where they can produce rubbish and send to us to buy. But whoever needs it, just know that you’re buying headache. I have Qsat accounts and decoders with me and i stopped selling it, though it’s my loss. I don’t like doing business with someone and we later become enemies as if it’s my father’s company producing it. Who know’s maybe they can fix their server, but don’t rush. Stay calm and watch what will happen as Dsthieves are seriously fighting piracy and promised to take them down. I don’t give a damn what sellers think but i’m only here to let you know what Qsat are up to, also not trying to spoil things for others just because i want to market my product. You make the choice. Truth or lies.

Azsky, A+, cccam, Aone etc. are still in coma. people keeps calling that they heard it’s working in some part of Nigeria. It’s totally lie. Don’t let anyone deceive and collect your hard earn money. If Azsky is back, It will be published here and other informative satellite forums and blogs. Also, i don’t really thing there’re any reliable FTA for sports. Many people has been running after champions decoder, I don’t really talk about it and don’t know much as i had already made a full switch from cable satellite. Though i once in a while monitor dongles and do some satellite hunting.


Much has been said here about the New Andriod TV box. The world is gradually going digital. Whether you like it or not, sooner or later, you will surely make the switch. Who knows maybe by then there would be many counterfeit products out there. If you visit any reliable satellite blog discussing or advertising IPTV decoders, do yourself a favor and get one. Here i only advice my followers to try to start saving or those that are capable to try and get one. I have published about three or four articles about the Andriod TV box. Those that already gotten it are really enjoying it. For the doubting thomas that don’t believe that you can get 5GB from MTN BIS subscription either daily, weekly or monthly, visit my other forum ( and see for yourself. A customer that bought one of our device called me that in lagos, his friend asked him to get VISA Box and subscribe for their blackberry plan which is #3000 for 1tetrabyte of data and can be use on all device. I thought it was a joke when i call some of my customers to inform them and they told me they are using it already. I don’t know how much is the box or modem or sim card as i don’t have signal here in my state. Maybe you should give it a try. No matter what you will want to watch, even though is 87/90 instead of 24/7 i know, you can’t exhaust 1 tetrabyte of data.

The choice is yours. Be wise in your decisions and always remember to bookmark this in your head “THE WORLD IS GOING DIGITAL AND TIME TO SWITCH”

The Andriod Box are still available in stock. Contact me if you need one. it’s cheap and you won’t regret it. , whatsapp or call 07066330634, 07050814257.


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