The rebirth of Azsky dongle

Hello there, i’m here to inform you that good times are here again. The king of dongle is coming back to claim it throne in the dongle world. I’m just here to inform you about it resurrection and soon, you will all dance and smile again.

Before i gist you further, i would like to educate and update you on some recent  development and tricks some hungry bloggers and dealers are using you collect your hard earn money.

In as much we are all sourcing for alternatives to watch premium satellite channels, that doesn’t mean you should buy tomatoes that were packed from gutters and cook because it’s cheaper. You should know the reply your belle will give you if you purchase such thing. Let me start by telling you guys that, Qsat has nothing to offer us again as per dongle world. They are using tricks, with help of some greedy guys to collect your money. You should have known the tricks already. They will manage-ably make the server stable for one or two weeks, collect your money and force you to purchase spyscam account, and then it will work for two days and then goes off. They will keep releasing buggy softwares and gives you unnecessarily steps in other to make it work. I have a spyscam account i bought last year, to tell you the truth, it’s left with about 68 days, but i haven’t watched it for 20 hours ever since i bought it. Why we are running after cheap alternatives and dongle is because we can’t afford the high subscription rate laid by the satellite providers in other to watch EPL and other football competitions. Qsat is not an option anymore as when the season kicks up again, you won’t see the break light of Qsat. In fact, the service is even epileptic now, so you shouldn’t expect any good thing from them. The only good thing qsat can offer you is their decoder as it’s more effective on FTA and on cccam because of it sim card slot functions and connects cccam faster and stable.


I and some other professional installers with the help of some dealers, we are currently working in closed doors with the Azsky engineers to avail epl for the small dish users and the poor men like us which can’t attend dstv church and paying tithe. In about a few days time, i will come out with another updates on Azsky, this time they would have began production, but only on starsat for now. Same bloggers and dealers trying to force and trick you to purchase spyscam account, they will come out with another tips to force you to purchase Azsky account which will only work on startimes for now, and with same channels you’re currently watching with my cccam. So, if you come across advert on Azsky, just have it in mind that it’s only startimes for now. In the coming days, before the start of the new season, i promise you, we will make available cheaper means for you to watch EPL, which might come from Azsky or another satellite, for small dish users.


Nobody will come up with research for small dish users rather than forcing you to keep purchasing what won’t benefit you in the name of storing dongles in your wardrobe. I introduced the multiple lnb holder to you so that you should start practicing to combine satellites on your smaller dish as account you may get for EPL will come from satellites that are closer to each other. I will only asked you to purchase Azsky account if they have added another package to their starsat package they’re about to release in the coming days. So i will advice you to keep yourself calm and enjoy this few FTAs and starsat pending when we get perfect option for EPL next season;


Start by availing yourself the multiple lnb holder and enjoy the following packages;

Why this four satellite positions are very important this period.

1-Astra 2E/2F/2G @ 28.2°E.
Multi TV package.Max TV for copa America .Tv3 likely to air euro and including a lot of channels for news,kids,movies and entertainments

2-Eutelsat 16A @ 16.0°E.
TVM MADAGASCAR TV for euro 2016,Mount Zion TV for Christian movies,news,musics,movies and entertainments

3-Eutelsat 9B @ 9.0°E
AFN sports 1,2 and HD for copa america. M4,w9 for euro 2016.Fashion one,and a lot of interesting channels
4-Astra 4A/SES-5 @ 5.0°E
Presently cccam is working on starsat/startimes with amazing stability where you can enjoy yoruba,Hausa and Igbo movies,sports and entertainments
All this satellite can be achieved on one single 90cm dish with a multi Ku lnb holder that makes installation so easy with good quality signal just like being dedicated on a dish. 

So instead of giving your #6000 away for spyscam, i advice you purchase cccam account for starsat and keep yourself busy until we get you another alternative for next season.


If you could notice, the hunt for “tweaks and cheats” have fade away. why because, you can get 12gb of data for #3000. So if you are fed up with our dongle thing and need a permanent solution and can’t afford #13k monthly for paytv subscription,  avail yourself an andriod box. Many people are conducting seminars now on andriod box and i won’t deceive you, it’s the best alternatives out there. If you invest on it, advertise it to your customers, i guarantee you that before you show to three people, one will buy it. Don’t be scared to try something new, go for it, you won’t regret it.

Always share my post to your friends and by doing that, you will save them from giving their hard earn money to some greedy guys just because they source for cheap alternatives.

To order for multiple lnb holder, andriod box, cccam etc email me (, whatsapp and call 07066330624) I made my full contact details available so that you can get more help from me unlike others out there. 

The truth is bitter, it must be told. Sorry if my articles and write ups is causing you headaches or issues. Get a sachet of paracetamol and do things clean so that the poor people will trust you and pray for you.

I will bring you more updates on AZSKY.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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9 thoughts on “The rebirth of Azsky dongle

  1. I just want to know if AZSky is working at all at the moment with any satelite. Mine have been dormant for over a year now.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful update but, if I may ask you dis question?, u mean, no DSTV channels gonna work on Azsky again apart from so called startime channels though, half bread is better dan notin ? Tanks once again.

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