Things to Know About the Andriod TV Box

Andriod TV Box is an innovative multimedia center with an Andriod based operating system that allows you to play and view content without paying for cable or any monthly subscriptions. Just plug it in and discover a whole world of live TV, TV shows, sporting events,photos,music and more!

CPU                                             Quad-Core Cortex A9r4 Processor

GPU                                             Octo-Core Mali-450 GPU

OS                                                Andriod Kitkat 4.4

Wireless Connectivity                   Wifi 802. 11n, Bluetooth 4.0

Video Output                                HDMI 1.4 ,AV, up to 4K @ 30fps, CVBS

Audio Output                               Via HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm stereo jack, optical SPDIF

Peripheral Interface                     RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100Mbps)-Supports hotspot sharing via Wi-Fi, SD/MMC                                                         card reader (SD 3.0 MMC V4.41), Support HDMI-CEC,USB 2.0 port x 2, IR receiver                                                     (remote included)

Power                                         DC 5V,2A


As you can read above and other articles i’ve published about this box, the Andriod TV box is a good alternative or let me say best when compare to paid TV subscriptions and cable TV. 

We have two (2) categories of this Andriod TV box.

1. IPTV set-top Andriod TV boxes

2. Andriod TV set-top boxes

Let me Explain them one after the other.

1.IPTV set-top Andriod TV boxes. This box is only meant for IPTV but built on andriod platform. Though there are many IPTV boxes out there but to tell you the truth, the IPTV set-top Andriod boxes are the best. How? There are many fakes and boxes that you will have to purchase IPTV account before you can watch or stream any Live Tv. But the Andriod set-top IPTV box has a market place just like Playstore that you can download and install apps that contains live TVs and videos and many more i can’t mention here as show in the picture below.

1 (3)

This is a picture taken from an application i downloaded from the mickyhop market place on the box which has more than 400 sports station both in HD and SD. Although it also has a menu option where you can also enter your IPTV server URL to watch through IPTV server. But this box stands different from the rest out there. You don’t need to subscribe to any IPTV server before you can start enjoying it. You can also download and play your favorite PSP game on it and other stuffs. 

The only disadvantages with this is that, unlike some andriod devices that you can download and install andriod apps, you can’t do this on the IPTV set-top Andriod TV boxes as it’s built on micky hop platform which also supports Andriod. Read more about MickyHop HERE .  Also you need data and good internet to enjoy it. But it doesn’t consume data.

2. Andriod TV set-top boxes

This box is built like other Andriod Phones and devices that you can manipulate, tweak, install any apps of your choice, play games and lots lots more! I tested 3 boxes and found this to be the best. There also many out there but it’s only this that can provide you that flexibility of manipulation and all that.

full menu

As you can see, there’s Play store installed in this Box. which gives you access to download and install any applications you like.


First if you get the box, in other to start watching any TV programs on it, you will need to download some applications that you can watch LIVE TV through it. In my case, i will be discussing about Mobdro app. Here is the sports interface on mobdro app.

enjoying mobdro

First you will need to connect the box through Hotpot from your phone or Wi-Fi router. Something like this.


In other to connect to play store to download apps from playstore. You can also connect through your phone hotspot. Or alternatively, you can download mobdro apps on your phone from internet, download psiphon handler and send it to the box via bluetooth as the box also has inbuilt bluetooth. After you download and install both on your box, install the mobdro app and psiphon handler. configure the psiphon handler by following the pics below;

Screenshot_2015-08-29-18-17-15 Screenshot_2015-08-29-18-18-32


After finish setting it up, save it. Subscribe to MTN bis by sending the following SMS to 21600

#70- BBLITED to 21600. Gives you 5GB for 24 hours

#350 BBLITEW to 21600 also gives you 5GB for 7 days

#1000 BBLITEM to 21600 ,5GB for 30 days.

After you subscribe, insert the sim to a modem and plug it to your router or if you don’t have a router, put the sim on your phone and turn on your hotspot, go to settings and locate the hotspot then connect.

network settings

After you successfully connect the box to internet, locate your psiphon handler and connect, after it connect, go back to home menu and launch mobdro. Mobdro will open and you start watching live TVs, adult tv, musics, movies, sports etc.

Other things you may need to know about the box. 

  • It doesn’t use modem and sim card. Wi-Fi and router connections are best used on decoders or TV boxes to avoid freezing and skipping of channels.
  • You don’t need to buy any account or subscribe to any TV plan to watch the box.
  • You can download movies, surf the internet, play games ,watch movies just like on your normal andriod phone, whatsapp, skype and many more.
  • It also supports IPTV incase you changed your mind.
  • If simple server stops working or any tweak, there are also cheaper data plans you can use. I have a glo tweak you can use to get 500MB with #100 for a week.
  • It doesn’t consume data at all.
  • The 5GB can serve you up to a month if you only watch football matches weekdays and weekends. For those that would like to watch it daily, i will advice you to subscribe daily BIS plan for you to enjoy it more.
  • It doesn’t get blocked as this is not an IKS dongle.
  • It’s easy to maintain and have up to 4K picture quality.
  • You can connect it to your TV through HDMI and AV cable.

Please take time to read line by line and other articles on the Andriod tv box before you contact me for one.

My email is always, also on whatsapp, 07066330624.

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