Tips on How to Easily Track sp24 on 34.5 West below 2 Metre Dish

Compliments of the season to you all out there!!

This article should have come before now but i was a lil’ bit down with sun fever after my researches on why the new Tp and Sr that was changed has been proven stubborn on dishes below 2m. I came up with some on field findings and also read comments from my group of installers.

Now the first thing i discovered is, the previous tp, the minimum signal level is 21%, that’s why it was so easy for anyone claiming to be an installer to get it. And also easy on 1.3m or less. But after the tp was changed to 4096 / 16908, the cut of points, i mean minimum signal has been increased to 34% using strong 4669 as a case study. The reason is, they’re trying to make the signal weaker on 2m dish below. Let me give you an example, on sp24 East, using 4669, the cut off signal is 44%. Meaning before it will flash, your signal must be higher, using dish from 8ft (2.4m) upwards, a very powerful lnb and glass with higher di-electric constraints. So this totally has ruled out 1m dish from getting the signal of sp24 west because it can never ever be possible.

If you are finding it difficult to nail the bird, it’s either you seek the services of a qualified installer (cband), because many people taught tracking mytv or dstv or joytv has made you to become an installer. This is the reasons we have schools, if you don’t know it, don’t be shy, use your money and invest on yourself. You use money to make money. Call an installer that knows more than you, sit at a corner, watch him while he’s doing it, pay him, and see if you won’t get better.

Another thing i will like to give you little education as to my own level about circular satellite using a common man language. We have linear satellite and circular. Circular satellite are also known as rounded polarization. Example is the sp24. Now in other to receive a better signal or let me say convert the circular signal to linear in other to watch it, we need di-electric plate. Di-electric plates convert the circular beams to linear, making it easier for the lnb to get the signal.

Nowadays we have many di-electric plates, (the yellow stuff that normally comes along with cband lnb), which they now use ordinary materials to do and which contains less than 0.3% of di-electric constraints.

If you noticed, if you use glass as your di-electric, you have more signal and even 10% higher than the yellow stuff on your cband lnb. This is because, glass has different types, and also being different, they have di-electric constraints between as high as 2%-10%. Here are some of my collections.


All given me different signal % on circular satellite.

Now another point is, if you’re tracking sp24 west on your 1.8m, pay attention to skew. I mean, rotate your lnb to different positions. This is mine, which is on 5’oclock position ;


Sp24 came out even without glass because my dish is bigger. I have since moved my dish back to the east signal because i so much like satellites in the east than west. If your nta is 3775v3775, your sp24 must be on H, if your nta is 3775h3775 your sp24 must be V. Take note and don’t keep making same mistakes. Try to visit the glass sellers, give them a little money and they will cut different types of glasses for you. But note that as they keep changing tp, their aim is to make the signal weaker on smaller dish, just as what we have on the east. Satellite on bigger dish tends to last longer. Mtn tv are not interested in changing encryption because it’s not for domestic uses, they will rather reduced signal to keep 40% out from tapping their signal.

Android box is still your best bet. I keep saying it and sooner or later, you will understand that hacked channels are ‘use while it last thing’ and are only for those that can install bigger dish and ready for issues like the one of sp24.


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23 thoughts on “Tips on How to Easily Track sp24 on 34.5 West below 2 Metre Dish

  1. i think u should have just gone straight and address the issue of sp24 and how members can easily track it rather than talking about schooling and trying to teach us how to spend money on education. alot of members where have become istallers because of your help and advise. you are a trusted blogger so don’t bring the bar soo low.

    1. Hello sir,it’s just easy. I already dropped the tips. Get a good lnb and glass because signal is weak. Already stated above.

  2. Hi Oga pako well done please I have a problem, before I was on sport24east and d signal went off and I now want to move to d one on west but my dish is 1.8m.iis it going to work fine on d west?

    1. Sp24 East signal is fair, i got 61% on 4669. Get Es21 Eurostar single solution for #9000 or DONTELSAT single solution. I will contact DONTELSAT to drop their details.

  3. This glass u keep mentioning each, are they special glasses or the ordinary glass that we see each day at the market places. I usually get confused because apart from what comes with the LNB, I can hardly make out this glass u keep talking about.

    1. Guy, I tried this glass stuff, and it worked. Just cool down , read through and you will see. I had to break a spare louvre from my window. Am having 61% signal.

  4. PLS ADMIN ….the last post b4 this one you made us believe there was increase in the signal with the new tp, and even 135cm \ 4ft dish can track sp24.
    but this post has taken away that believe.

    1. The signal is indeed higher, all the 1.3m dish i did was working, now they made starting signal to be 34% using 4669. Meaning before it will flash, it must get to 34% above which 1.3m will never see again, and 1.8m struggling. On my 2.4m without di electric, i got a wooping 63%, when i insert my glass, i gor about 73%, which an ordinary installer should calculate to work on smaller dishes. They’re trying to apply same method to the one on the east which 1.8m can never pick but signal higher from 2.4m above. I don’t know if you understand this.

  5. Oga pako, I sincerely appreciate you on all your post. My signal dropped drastically and cut a piece of a broken louvres from my window and it worked like magic. I got a signal strength of about 61% just that my NTA signal disappeared but who cares anyway. You have made my Xmas really merry. Thanks boss. Happy boxing day. #EPL

  6. Inasmuch as I love the information you give,I’ve learned alot from you but I’ll ask you to make your findings well before posting.My setup is working fine with supermax VH777 lnb and ordinary almaco glass.Please trying make your posts more professional…merry christmas!!!

    1. I guess you read my post carefully and saw my uploaded pics. I don’t understand what you meant by my findings and making professional. Anyways good thing it worked for you.

    2. Oga Ebiriben, u can equally share your experience rather than attacking pako, I think this is a forum for addressing issues. U can equally tell us your contribution and members here can give it a try….Pako’s write ups are not exclusive, so bring up your findings too…..

    3. Supermax 777 is a good lnb which you used, with the glass oga pako recommended, which he clearly stated on his article. If you know it before why didn’t you posted it before him? Or do you mean you got your own sport 24 on 60cm dish? I think you’re a drunkard and an ungrateful fellow.

  7. Merry Christmas sir, please ignore that guy, i think he’s one of those fulanis out there. Your articles put food on my xmas table because i couldn’t track back hd 24 on all my clients 1.8m dish until i read this article. You’re my man of the year. Please keep doing what you knows best.

  8. after reading and reading soo many articles on sports24 on this particular site, i was able to track it here in my small corner, it’s soo easy if u carefully follow all the numerous tips given. i used supermax LNB VH777 together with my 1.8m dish and a small piece of broken louver, i can’t believe am enjoying liverpool and stoke city right away. it works like magic. in fact my xmas and new year is complete……..orga pako, i go buy one bottle of beer for u……. cheers……… in fact you are God sent….thanks soo much and may Jah bless you plenty. i did not even seek the help of a professional installer.

  9. Hello sir, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and made the Lord our God give you many more years, as i always say you are just meant special and a God sent, always focus, & unselfish, as well as a God fearing, i just want to say thanks a lot for the newly post and sleepless night just because of us, just to add on to one of my brothers words of encouragement, please note that this whole entire world we have good and bad, the bad one are many then the good one and in a shot terms, i don’t cares how good you are or ways you want to do things for us to deserve such as this beautiful & beautiful education, you still have people to criticize you, don’t mind them, keep doing what you are doing, please note that for the good of one person many people save today let God bless you and give you more wisdom and courage, we will always be by your side in prayer

  10. Oga Pako, since yesterday, my q23 has been unable to autoroll the sports24 keys. I want to know if this is a universal problem and whether they’ve changed their encryption keys. Thanks

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