Tips To Manage Data Consumptions On Andriod Tv Box/IPTV

Too many guys out there crying that no hope for small dish users and could comfortably manage an IPTV device,  thinking data is the barrier, this article is meant for you, and also for those that are still thinking whether to go for it or not.

Most times i feel shy talking about some personal stuffs here. I have in so many occasions received airtime as gift from many of my clients for this discoveries, (Andriod Tv Box). Infact, another thing about this box is, whenever there’s free browsing tweak out there, you can easily use it on your box and it will even work better than using a normal data. That is, if you get the box from me, all softwares you can use to make it browse free if the needs arises would have been already installed on the box.  That not withstanding, you can conveniently enjoy your Andriod tv box with #3000 – #4000 data subscriptions. Also remember that most of this ISP providers offers mouth watering data offers during weekends.

This is how i could be able to enjoy my own box, and i have shared it with many of my clients, customers and friends, they’re really enjoying it. The best backup you should have is “IPTV” Andriod tv box.

  • After i purchased my own copies of Andriod box, what i do is subscribing to data plan of #3000 monthly from glo, and i usually get 12gb of data. This 12gb of data will take me for a whole month, and most times, i purchase weekend plans, #300 for 3gb, for saturdays and sundays alone.

How possible?

  • Streaming only live matches. I’m a hard core sport lover while my family, movies and cartoons. I only use my data when i want to watch match. I have options to stream using 2G link and HQ, high quality link. Now this HQ link is 480p. It’s very clear and doesn’t consumes data at all and as well 100% stable.
  • IMG-20160705-WA0025
  • Supporting your Andriod box with other packages. If you are permitted to install up to 1.8m dish, you can use it to track 68.5 for movies and cartoon for your wife and kids. If you got no permission or space for that, i have discussed with you how you can combine 3-4 satellites on a 100cm dish using multiple lnb holder. There’s no apartment that you won’t be allowed to install at least 1m dish. If you can’t get Eutelsat 9.0e, which has fantastic packages for kids and movies, music, you can as well track MBC packages on 7.3w which is fully FTA.
  • Opting for paid tv services.  You can as well watch all latest local movies on the andriod box but that involves data. If your wife is giving you headache, because you’re only enjoying the andriod box and refuses her to enjoy it as well, you can opt for “startimes” and “gotv” . With #600 monthly on startimes, or #1800 monthly for gotv, i bet, your wife and kids won’t trouble you anymore.

In my own case, i have a 2.4m dish, where i combined 4 satellites on it, and as well as separate dish combinations for 9e, 7 and 5e, and astra 28 which is joytv. I have canal and combined my joytv with dstv because of Qsat, whenever they get their tactics right. I also move to MBC most times to see what they’re doing there. So with all this my own personal packages, having Andriod box as a backup, if you choose from my package, and options, you shouldn’t wait for EPL on small dish using iks or cccam as they will never last. Infact i was lucky, i got my 2.4m dish for #11k. The owner doesn’t know what to do with it, that’s how lucky you could also be. Many guys i knew got 1.8m for #3k, 1m dish for #800. Reason, owner doesn’t know what to do with it.

I can afford any data and want to fully enjoy my Andriod box.

Of course you can. The possibilities are endless. You don’t need a premium IPTV account, because you watch same thing, even more on kodi. Mere seeing most of tis addons, even a man with HBD, always thinking, will have something to play with and even get cured. Here’s Areswizard i installed on my box, and other addons for latest movie series etc..




If you can afford any data to fully enjoy the box, areswizard, phoenix, genesis and salts addons is all what you need. You watch anything and everything including all football leagues in this planet earth and pluto if possible 😀 .

In summary;

In as much as we keep hunting for package for small users for EPL, you try as much as possible to help yourself. If you don’t want andriod box at all, your best bet is from 3.6m dish upwards. 1.8m will give you HD 24, which you know is powervu. So you will need any of those auto roll decoders like SuperEsat, Aone or Gsky. Others doesn’t have future. If you want to do it manually, you can stick with your strong decoder or Qsat. Other powervu you can opt for on 1.8m is sony entertainment for laliga, FA cup and italian league. If you have space and thinking big, install 7m dish and go “skynet”. Hotbird and hispasat on 4m dish will serve you for years, with cccam from real cards.

After you might have read the article, and make your choice, you can reach me for any purchase.

(, whatsapp and call 07066330624)

I have issues tracking, i need TP to track, suggestions and any topic not related to business, feel free to use the comment form. Don’t forget to share with your friends.



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17 thoughts on “Tips To Manage Data Consumptions On Andriod Tv Box/IPTV

  1. Thanx so muxh bro. i have linstalled kodi with areswizard also installed but mobdro couldnt be installed on it. I gives me “installation failed”notification, what should i do?
    I have also tried to install mondro on my android emulator but it is not working. it starts loading then bounces bakc to the main menu. What should i do?

  2. Pako. I sent an email to you asking the price for SRT 4922A and shipping charges but up to now I have not received the response.

  3. Nice one sir,pls what about those of us in Ghana,which network is good for this android boxes ,amount involved if u can helps us in CEDI’s n also the to use in Ghana or the one with good data plan.thanks

  4. Oga Pako pls help can’t get sport 24 HD loss the signal completely last nite, any new frequency kindly update us with it thanks.Regards.

      1. This stations are currently FTA ON ASTRA 4.9 EAST ON STARTIME POSITION. On dis t.p 11.784 v 27500 and 11.861 v 27500. Or blindscan to get it. Da Stations are.
        St music
        deen tv
        1 music
        sabc 1, 2, 3, & Etv
        st gospel.
        disney channel. ETC. Enjoy while it last.

  5. Please allow me to deviate from the topic, I need some help with regard to sport24, the signal is now at zero level at my end. Pls can you shed more light. Tank

    1. @ Bello adjust ur LND backward a little and make sure u cut glass and insert turn ur lnb left or right till u get maximum signal all d best!

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