Tips on how to track HD 24 on 34.5 west

This wasn’t convenient for me to post but i have to do it just to limit numerous calls, sms and emails coming in every seconds as well as during midnight. The thing is, the bird is very easy to track. But due to many satellite blogs online, giving FTA infos, people may want to do this themselves, thereby giving other people headache as Cband installation is very totally different from ku band.

Just as i normally advice a starter that wants to track cband for the very first time, it’s either you track the old MYTV on 68.5, and replace with Cband or you track NTA international with even a 90cm dish. As times goes on, soon, 1.8 – 2.4m dish will be a thing of the past because from next season, if you don’t have a BUD, (BIG UGLY DISH), no FTA for you.

As we are all aware, HD 24 left Nss20w few days ago and was relocated to 34.5west. But still, about 90% of you out there including installers are still finding it difficult to track it, which is a very simple thing to do. Your target should be 90% on this TP 3777 H 3777, then you get yourself a bottle of Alomo bitters to relax your nerves.

Let’s get straight to the business of the day;

Things you need.

  • 1.8m dish minimum
  • Original Cband lnbf (strong lnbf preferable or any original lnbf you find out there)
  • Di-electric plate (Alumaco glass highly recommended)
  • Your decoder or signal finder
  • Well aligned dish.
  • TP to use for tracking (3777 H 3777)

Now for those that already had their dish pointed to Nss20w before it went off, if you haven’t tampered with it, take off the  di-electric plate or that yellow stuff that you put inside the cband, now power on your decoder and set it with any cband satellite and input (3777 H 3777). Now If your dish is still at the former HD 24 position, gradually lower your dish, you should be able to easily hit green using the TP above. Now tie your dish, skew your lnb and play with the dish sideways, i mean left and right to attain maximum signal above 90%.


Normally, a well aligned 1.8m dish should be able to give you at most 93-95% because 34.5 west is fully covered here. When you discovered that you are above 90%, just insert a glass or your di-electric plate in vertical position as on the pics below;



Now, just hit blindscan and wait for some few minutes, you should see HD 24 and other stations like NTA international, AFN etc. It’s as easy as tracking Dstv with a 60cm dish!!!

For those that has have been playing with his/her dish, just put your lnb at 3 or 6 ‘ oclock, follow same method above, you should be able to nail it easily.

Now if you try all the steps above and you still find it difficult to nail it, or you nail it and you can’t find HD 24, then you should troubleshoot from the points listed below;

  • Make sure you use an original Lnbf
  • If you haven’t tracked Cband before, you should contact a local installer. No harm in learning, myself, i use to pay some of my guys to track for me because in doing that, i will watch them closely and steal one or two trick from them.
  • Make sure your dish it well aligned. If you are still finding it difficult to attain above 80% on your 1.8m, first, track dstv and canalsat  and get above 94% to align your dish, then you should be able to achieve more than 90% on 34.5 west
  • If you get above 90% and still didn’t get HD 24, check the position of your glass or di-electric plate
  • If you have tracked it, and it’s skipping alot, try to increase your signal
  • If you track it, and it’s not showing on your decoder, saying “scrambled” , don’t change the key, just edit the previous Ident to your new HD 24 tp, save and exit, you should be fine.
  • For the alphabox and gsky users, i over heard a conversation that if you blindscan and change the new old HD 24 tp to the new one, you should be fine.
  • If after this you can’t achieve anything and your signal don’t go above 80% on 1.8m dish, go and get a brand new lnb, or engage the service of a local installer. If you need help installing it and you can’t find a good installer, email me or whatsapp.
  • If you need additional help, use the comment form below this article, i will try my best to reply you. If you call me, once you mention HD 24, i will keep dropping the call.

Always have it in mind that, if you want to keep enjoying FTA, you should be prepared for the headaches and multiple decoders you will have in stock, i mean dead decoders. You will be no different from a normal small satellite dealer. To enjoy FTA to it fullest, you need an ugly dish which i normally called “Lady Betty”, 4m above, at least it will guarantee you uninterrupted service for like 3-4 years, using CCCAM.

Alternatively, Andriod box is the best and lasting solution to FTA or you buy dstv decoder and have them milked you. Fuel is becoming gold now in Nigeria, while data is becoming money for Alomo bitters and gulder, i mean very cheap.

All our Andriod box are already fully programmed. Lifetime guarantee except you damage it.

For business purposes only, placing order for andriod box, whatsapp, call or email ( and 07066330624)

Share with your friend let them enjoy with you as well, and don’t forget, FTA is “ENJOY WHILE IT LAST” 0% guarantee if you want me to tell you the bitter truth.

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  1. Please sir I need the latest working powerevu to open sport24 HD I tried the one on your blog here but dint open

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