How To Track Eutelsat 9.0E On A Prime Focus Dish (Pan Dish)

For a while now, many of us out there have been having issues tracking Ku signals on our pan dish and after not being successful, the next thought is, pan dish are for C-band and not for ku band. Let me tell you one secret, a complete parabolic pan dish, irrespective the size, would always outperformed any local made dish of same size. 180 cm pan dish will always outperform a 180 cm fiber locally made dish, reason is, local made dish are not 100% parabolic. The main issues we do have on tracking Ku signals on pan dish are;

  • Making use of wrong LNB
  • Using offset LNB on prime focus dish (pan dish)
  • Failure in paying attention to LNB skew
  • No idea of focal length
  • No idea on how Ku reception works and so on…

Now, you may ask, what are prime focus dish which we often referred as pan dish? Prime focus dish is a reflector which receives it signals on the central point in front of the dish. … For an example,  replacing your C Band LNB with a Ku band specially made for prime focus dishes in other to receive Ku band signals.

One little thing we ignore that always make us to condemn prime focus dish is just the LNB skew of a thing. We always have this feeling like, whenever we want to track on a bigger dish, the only skew that comes to our mind is the “3 o’clock” thing. Secondly, the only LNB that always comes to our mind are the “strong short neck LNB”.

How do we now successfully track Ku signal on prime focus dish and what LNB do we use? 

  • First we need to make sure the floor is well plumed.  Prime focus (pan dish) needs a leveled ground because it signals are 100% concentrated on the center of the dish. So rather than using planks or pieces of stones to support it, it’s advisable to cement the floor and plum it.
  • Getting a prime focus LNB. Getting an LNB specifically made for prime focus dish is another issues. The strong short neck LNB are for offset dish. Offset dish are the once with just a single LNB holder. Example are the 60 cm dish, 85 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm popular dish we often use to track the multi TVs, MBC and so on. Here is a typical picture of a prime focus LNB.


These LNB are just the best on any prime focus dish. It works on all location unlike other LNB that when converted to prime focus after cutting the base, it gives low signals on some transponders and higher signals on transponders we don’t even need. The LNB are so expensive and somewhat difficult to go get. China has soiled the market and make it difficult to get original items in the market. If you can convert offset Ku LNB to prime focus, you can as well give it a try. I will come up with an article on how to convert offset Ku LNB to prime focus Ku LNB.

  • How LNB skew works on prime focus dish. LNB skew on prime focus dish on ground mount is same with the 60 – 100 cm dish we often use to track other satellite. If the LNB skew for Eutelsat 9.0E on 100 cm dish is 7 o’clock or 4 o’clock, it means, we must apply same to prime focus dish on ground mount. You only use a single LNB skew on a dish that is on pole after when it’s being aligned.

Now we already know what we need and what to do, simply follow the instructions below to track Eutelsat 9.0E successfully on your prime focus dish;

  • You need at least 2.4M dish if you’re outside the western part of Nigeria. Ghana too needs at least 2.4M dish for same satellite.
  • Look for nail and hit it round the base of the dish to enable it stay in same position while moving the dish.

  • Place your LNB at 7 o’clock. If you don’t understand, take your wrist watch or wall clock, take a closer look at it and locate 7 o’clock position. Skew your LNB to that position. If you’re using Fuji LNB single way, the one with long neck, make sure it’s being positioned at the middle. If others, pull everything in.
  • TP and SR 11938 H 27500 or 11804 V 27500
  • Now Eutelsat 9.0E faces up to the sky, you need rock your dish slowly, up and down, starting from SES 5 position, gradually to your right while standing in front of your dish.
  • Make sure you get a good satellite meter or strong srt decoder, 4669 or 4922a preferable.
  • After hitting green, skew your LNB, pull in or out to get the maximum signal.
  • Blind scan and contact me for cccam or tiger decoder if you want to watch the Ote sports on the satellite.

In summary;

You can only be guaranteed all football matches if you get a sound 3M pan dish or 4M locally made dish. Investing on such a huge dish size without having knowledge and ideas how to walk around it is a big risk, as your installer will buy a car right under your nose. Use your smaller dish for movies and get an Android box for all live matches. They’re available HERE.

Confused or have some questions? Please comment below.

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      1. thanks for all the information,,but for my own concern now is that hi already have a 1.8m dish,,and euro star lnbf, but hi don’t know if there is soft wear for my decoder, my decoder is view sat,,and vinsat

  1. Good morning pakogist thank you for your time and consideration for as we thank you so much God bless you, I lent alot and I follow you every where whatsapp, telegram, website

  2. Oga me Sir,d biggest dish I have is 1.8m and I stayed in Abeokuta so which sat will u preferred I install cos I have a viewing center

  3. Boss, i saw your dish on lemmymorgan’s blog, the one you uploaded on your forum. Is lemmymorgan on your whatsapp forum as well? He just copied and paste it, with all your chats on your whatsapp forum. lol.

  4. Gud pakogist,have being having problem tracking my sports24HD on west since last night but my nta hit green at 91% but sports 24HD didn’t show up. Pls,what will I do. Thanks

  5. Dear Sir,
    I would like to thank you for your efforts please is it possible to to track 9°east in Kano, Nigeria with 1.8 meter dish?
    Thank you.

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