How To Troubleshoot Some Problems On The Android Tv Box Before Contacting Us

It’s a pity that most customers always easily jump to conclusions about anything they just got at first. Most times, dealers and some installers misinterprets how the Android tv box works to their customers. The Android tv box is simply an internet streaming device. It simply means, whatever issues you have, 90% should be from your internet connection. I always advice that, the best GSM ISP to use for the box is 9mobile (formerly Etisalat). Reason is, they’re the most stable network in Nigeria and i haven’t come across any ISP that is more stable than 9mobile. Other networks streams, but they can’t maintain that flow for even 30 minutes without fluctuations. Also, if you are in a 4G coverage area, with the required band on your router, mifi or phone, you should be fine.

I will be sharing with you some tips on how to troubleshoot any minor issues you encounter with your device(s).

My box is always freezing. What should i do to make it stream perfectly?

We have about twelve different Android streaming devices, thus, 1gb ram to 4gb ram. Most times, the cause of the freezing is mostly our internet connection. Other causes are, low memory on the device, third party applications and weak data connection from your phone hotspot.

To solve this, please follow these simple instructions;

  1. If your device is 1gb ram, make sure you uninstall other unnecessary applications on the box. If you had order the box directly from us, you would notice the only applications you would find on the box are our premium APK files, browser and three to four other must have APKs you should need on the box. If you need to explore any other APKs, after exploring it, kindly uninstall it. If you need to have then stored on the box, consider getting a box with higher space and ram.
  2. Don’t use any third party applications to stream live matches. This is because, since it’s free, it runs on a very cheap public server which will keep freezing and skipping. Don’t get it twisted. It’s not only internet connection that causes freezing of channels on your box. Even if you have 5G network, and you’re streaming on any third party application, if would surely skip and freeze because you are among three hundred million users on that same channel which is on free server which is also overloaded.
  3. Try to get a portable 3G router rather than using your phone WiFi hotspot. Most times, when you’re streaming live content, when calls comes in, it would either stop or skip, freezing, or making your phone unstable and most times, your phone would shut down without you noticing due to high temperature.
  4. Make sure you have minimum of 3G network before you attempt to stream any content on the box. And also investigate the best network for streaming in your location.
  5. If you had order any of our boxes from jumia and you find any third party applications on it, kindly uninstall them and send an email to with your order number for us to forward our premium APK to you and also activate it for you.

My box is no more displaying on my TV screen.

  1. Check the HDMI or AV cable and make sure they’re properly connected to the device and your TV.
  2. Check to make sure the box is powered on.
  3. Check the box to make sure the blue light is on, if not blue and displaying red, you have damaged your device.

I can’t scroll through the channel list on my box.

  1. Get a USB mouse. Don’t know what is it? See image below;

Image result for usb mouse

2. Get a wireless mouse combined with keyboard.

Image result for wireless mouse and keyboard

We have this in stock.

With any of these, you should be able to scroll through the channel list and select any you want to watch without issues.

How do i install applications on my box?

  1. On your device, after you might have powered it on, just click on app on the home menu and locate file-browser or file-manager,  make sure you have inserted your flash drive through any of the usb ports on the device in other for you to locate.
  2. If your device has inbuilt Bluetooth, you can as well send the application using it.
  3. Try xender from playstore.

 My data always disappears, what should i do to make it last longer?

  1. Make sure you’re using our premium APK
  2. Don’t use your data to watch movie. If you want to watch movies, track Nigcomsat or multitv, They’re FTA.
  3. Make sure you’re streaming SD channels only. HD channels takes more data.
  4. After you finished watching football on the device, always disconnect your data.
  5. Don’t overload your box, if you do, your data would complement the loss of ram on your box to make it stream smoothly. This happens if you’re using the 1gb ram boxes.
  6. Try using 9mobile formerly Etisalat.. Good thing we supply data  and which is cheap. Their data last longer than others. Glo deals with quantity and not quality.

For any other issues not stated above, please email us , or call, whatsapp 07066330624.

To order any products online, visit our jumia shop or you can order directly if you want it fully loaded.


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