Tutorial: How to install SuperRepo on Kodi

Kodi Media Center already has a default repository where we can find a lot of interesting addons but if we want to stream movies or TV shows and do other fun stuff we are going to need to install a 3rd party repository.

In this tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how to install SuperRepo on Kodi 15 Isengard. SuperRepo is one of the most complete and popular repositories for Kodi, with more than 2000 addons that are frecuently updated.

Lets start by adding the source that contains the files needed to install the repository.


1. Make sure you are on the home screen and select “System” > “File manager”.File manager option on kodi home screen
2. Once inside the File manager select “Add Source”.Adding source in kodi file manager
3. Type “http://srp.nu/” in the upper textbox and “.superrepo” in the lower one, after that confirm by pressing “Ok”.SuperRepo source path
4. Now lets to go back to the Home screen and select “System”.System option in kodi home screen
5. Click on “Add-ons”.Addons option in Kodi settings
6. We are going to install the repository from a file located at the source we just added. Select “Install from zip file”.Install from zip file option
7. And then lets choose “.SuperRepo”.SuperRepo source folder
8. Since we are using Kodi 15 we are going to use “isengard”.SuperRepo folder for kodi isengard
9. Select “All” to install the complete repository.SuperRepo all folder
10. Finally we see the file that contains the repo. Click on it to install.SuperRepo zip file for kodi Isengard
11. After a couple of seconds we’ll see a confirmation message.SuperRepo Enabled notification

Now that you have Super Repo installed you can browse and install all its add-ons. If you feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of plugins available let us recommend the following articles.

For movies and TV shows streaming check out Tutorial: How to install Kodi-add-ons

More info:
SuperRepo Official Site
Kodi Media Center Official Site

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