I have once posted this before, but for those that are still having issues tracking it, please follow these guides;

For tracking…..
I will advice you have the following ready;
1: Minimum of 1.8m dish
2: Strong 4669x ( preferably )
3: Good cable ( strong rgb cable)
4: c band lnbf
Insert the di-electric plate close to the mouth of the lnbf, and just allow for space only for the lnbf cover.

Tracking Tp 3737 v/h 7305
( This is where strong 4669 comes handy), you will get signal at 63-67%…but it will still be RED.
NOTE: The tp will not turn green until you hit 72% and above, not even 71% will turn green, and the feed will not pop up until you hit 73%.
Tweak your lnbf , draw in and out, adjust your di-electric plate inside the lnbf till you hit 77-80%.

Tighten your dish around that and blind-scan.

This Tp, 3737 v/h 7305 at 77%, you should get ( wap tv ,nigezie, channels n tvc ) and scanning, also 3678 v/h 1082 at 95% for ( cis tv )


The name can be signal 1-6, ch 1-6, tv 1-6.

The scope is…it will only come up like 30mins before any la liga match….
So all you have to do is scan before a match begins and put the biss key for every of the channels from 1-6.
For fast scanning Qsat comes handy. Note whatever tp that brings out the feeds from 1-6 will just be edited on keys section for fast action and non auto-roll decoders.

For CIS TV, the signal is very strong as well and you should hit 97% on your decoder, you can also use 100 cm dish with a conical scalar ring to get the signal.

They broadcast the 3 o’clock English premier league every Saturday afternoon. For unlimited football matches, since there’s no cheaper options for smaller dish to watch the English Premier league and champions league, i strongly advice you get an Android box. Learn more about the Android tv box. To order for any of our products, visit our jumia shop https://www.jumia.com.ng/packdroid-ent/ or you can reach us through call for fully loaded box.

I hope this helps.

Viva FTA

Credit goes to AYO-POFOLO

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  1. I’m an installer sir have got cis but the order one is not coming only flashing me have change the di-eletric inside the same thing what should I do again sir thanks Mr LM

  2. Hello pakogist Now I got 89% signal in Cis but does WAP TV is not come up I’m using strong 4922A please what next for me to do to get does channels and laliga

  3. Please sir can 1.8m work for this 10E in Lagos because I have try all my best to get it but I couldn’t get it is only CIS Coming what should I do again sir I’m using single solution lnbf thanks Sir

  4. Am not an installer but through articles from Pakogist and other satellite articles I can nail satellites with little effort. Thanks Mr Pakogist. I want to chip in this. Per your article it seams some TPs are stronger on this bird than others, does it mean that i can track the easy TPs like the 3678 1038 and when i achieve a good signal blast i then tweak the LNBF and the dish to obtain the feed channels.

    Mr Pakogist if am right please let me know before I start hunting this satellite. Thanks for your updates and unrelenting support to us.

    1. There are some Tps we use to measure others. some tps can give you 97%, yet you won’t see what you need. Use the one i dropped and follow the instructions, you should be fine. Cband is very easy.

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