They say necessity is the mother of invention. Their was this rumor all over the internet that TSTV has begun test transmission on ABS 3.0w and they had launched some few channels. And out of the channels scanned, we found tvc news, tvc entertainment and other five additional channels on the satellite. Just as i always verify things before i talk, this information was pulled out from TSTV social media page;

This adds to my list of questions i have been compiling for few weeks about TSTV and what platform they want to broadcast from. Since they would be launching on Oct. 1st, 2017, don’t you think their should been test running like test transmission? Time would tell.

ABS 3.0W can be tracked from at least 40 cm dish and you could as well attach your LNB, (ku band) if you have Nilesat 7.0w setup.

It’s very easy to track and TVC news is a very good channel for all current local news in Nigeria.

As we may all have known, sony entertainment package does still exist, the thing is, they have reduced signal and making it impossible for 1.8m dish to track. Last champions league, Sony six and Sony ESPN showed two (2) different champions league matches and which they would continue this week. So it means total of four matches would be aired live on sony six and sony ESPN respectively. Sony packages are still within our reach on same old Intelsat 68.5e and from 2.4m dish upwards in other to receive a good and stable signal. It’s still on cband, linear beam, which means no di-electric plate is required and it’s very easy to install.

These are just some options we already had and majority of us doesn’t know sony packages now aired champions league. They’re still on powervu and so far, keys had been stable for over 12 months and you don’t need any auto roll decoder to enjoy it.

At last, strong has bowed to pressure and released auto roll software for sport 24 on the SRT 4950 series. visit to download it and enjoy while it last.

Android tv box has the whole football league. Learn more from here and you could as well order online through our jumia shop

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