Unlimited Etisalat Data Plan Now Available

My previous article here, IPtv now for everybody , i did emphasized the issues of data to enjoy your IPTV or Andriod tv box. I took this on my own and decided to make sure you enjoy your andriod tv box to it fullest. So if you’re one of those out there that is seeking for the opportunity to enjoy Andriod tv box, the time is now.

If you have Etisalat network in your location, i have slots to connect you to browse, stream and download unlimitedly for a month, very cheap. It’s not hacked, cheat or illegal. It’s 100% legit. Many people are enjoying it now. You can stream anytime, watch anything, both local and international movies, cartoons, porn, all football leagues in this world on the Andriod tv box if you have one. Also, if you have already gotten it from elsewhere, i can still connect your Etisalat sim to use unlimited data. Also for those that has already gotten it from me, please contact me, i have reserved slots for all of you.

How to get the unlimited data.

  1. Get an activated Etisalat sim card
  2. Make sure it’s already registered
  3. Chat me on whatsapp or call me 07066330624
  4. After payment has been confirmed, you will be giving a slot on the network to go unlimited for 31 days.


You can use it on any devices, browse, stream and do anything you like. i’m currently enjoying mine.

With #6000 for dsthieves subscription, you will be restricted to only few EPL and repeatedly movies of 1980. With less of that amount ,you get unlimited data to even watch NTA and AIT on your IPTV devices. Of course you will agree with me that Etisalat is the most fastest and stable GSM network in NIGERIA.

Limited slots are available. Also for those in Ghana, if you have Etisalat network in your region, you can as well reach me.

My contact again is 07066330624 , also available on whatsapp.


8 thoughts on “Unlimited Etisalat Data Plan Now Available

  1. Pakogist is da bomb !!!!!!
    100% legit and selfless. I was really impressed with what he did. Way to go bro!!!!!
    The spirit of selflessness and honesty he exhibited really impressed me. More grease to ur elbows.
    With people of such calibre, we can comfortably,conveniently and confidently carry out online transactions irrespective of our earlier reservations on trust.

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