Update on MTN WORLDWIDE and Alternatives to HD 24

Sometimes last week, i was seriously talking about this HD 24 of a thing. Incase you forgot, i also advised against the purchase of any chinese decoder for powervu as it will add up to the dead toys on your possession. Good thing, Qsat has now become the best auto roll powervu decoder while strong still remains the king of manual FTA decoder in and across Africa.

Few days ago, we expected the unexpected and i did updated you about the latest on HD 24. The truth is, no matter rumor or edited write ups you find on other popular blogs and forum, it was copied from here and you should be careful not to be deceived as i’m going to tell you the real reason behind the attack from MTN WORLDWIDE and what we should be expecting and the other best alternatives to use for those that can’t install big dish in their apartment.

On 22/03/2016, HD 24 signal went off. We thought it was the normal routine maintenance not knowing we were being reported to MTN TV SAT customer care. This happened by a spy from Ghana on one of my satellite group. Here’s the conversations between them through the pics below;



Now this result to serious attack from MTN WORLDWIDE, and whether you take it or not, the era of HD 24 is gradually coming to an end. I remember reading from some blogs that powervu will remain forever and it’s a right. But to be sincere with you, you’re being deceived and mis-leaded as you will end up buying products from them that you will never use and which they don’t use also. FTA is a “Use while it last thing” and “if other way closes, another will surely open”. But the question is, how many decoders will you have in stock in the next five years time?

HD 24 that can still be received here is located on 57 degree east and you need 1.8m in the north and 2.4m outside north to hit it, and it’s as stubborn as sony. As at this post, some users of HD 24 on 1.8m dish (NSS20W) are loosing signal, which means in no time, they will totally reduce the beam and that’s the end.

What’s the way forward?

As much as i could say and keep saying, i will keep talking about the best and permanent options out there and as well as other current FTAs you can go for.

1. Eutelsat 9 east. Few days ago, i broke the news about the new FTA in town for small dish users. Read from HERE and also gives steps on how to track the bird HERE . In the same vein, i will still give few more insight on how to track the bird. I will call this “part 2”

Now to track Eutelsat 9 east, start with this TP 11.938 H 27500. Put your lnb at 5 0’clock and you should hit green easily and get Zuku packages. Now after you hit green, tight the holder on your dish, and also nail the dish facing up there, but not final nailing. Now skew your lnb to 7’oclock position as on the pics below;



Eutelsat 9 east on 90cm

Now your  zuku on that TP will turn red after you skew your lnb to exactly 7’oclock. Now move your dish an inch right if you stand infront and left if you are behind. rock up and down gently, you must hit green. Now i advice you get fuji lnb and peel off the cover as on my pics above. N:B: If your lnb is at exactly 7’0 clock, you will never pick zuku packages. I currently have 9 east on my 90cm, 54/55% and on my 1m dish 63/64%, and i advice you get 1m dish as it will give you all these;


60% of the channels are on pure HD 1080p and cccam opens the sports channels that shows EPL,LALIGA,ITALIAN SERIE A,UCL etc.


For those running after Champion Tv decoder for porn, you have them on 9east as well and my cccam opens it. See pics below;


Mind you, i don’t watch porn but this is just for advert alone 😀 😀

2. Andriod box. I have been singing about this for some months now and those that are using it now testify everyday. All 4G networks free streaming and other GSM network streaming. Some that bought the wrong devices are still pleading with us for help. If you don’t believe that andriod box is the best and latest in town, just wait few more weeks, you will call and order for yours. Enough have been said on this wonderful box and if you want to be free from FTA hunting, you should get it.

In Summary;

  • You should by now forget about HD 24 because 9e is far more better than it as 4-5 different stations shows different EPL matches during weekend and on HD.
  • Qsat is still doing hide and seek, collecting money and providing epileptic services. I don’t need to tell you stories about qsat, as i will advice you convert your qsat to watch 9east as the cccam works perfectly on it. Strong decoders from 4922a are still there as well.
  • As much as HD 24 is going gradually, Sony entertainment packages is still firing and could last for years if not reported because they don’t know we are watching it. Only BWTV knows we are watching their stations that was why they periodically or let me say changing their keys every 30 minutes which Qsat handles very well.
  • Canal decoder should not be an option as they have lost EPL right for three (3) years from 2016 season. If you’re the type that could be easily deceived, you can browse google for more on that.
  • If you still plan to watch powervu and have space for dish in your house, stick with your Qsat or strong. Once powervu goes off finally, those powervu decoders will become useless and you will start running around for other options.

If you have successfully tracked Eutelsat 9east and you need best and stable cccam, and as well as the andriod box fully programmed, contact pakogist through email, call and whatsapp.

A good and legit blogger selling and advertising product, must display his number for trust.

(info@pakogist.com, 07066330624) for business purposes only.

Don’t forget to share with your friends and keep visiting pakogist.com for the latest on satellite world.

Happy Easter celebration to the Christian brothers out there!!!


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  1. Pls admin, I want to ask how stable this channels are with cccam. Are they showing without freezing or they are like qsat?

  2. I wanted to find out if I can use same dish of 135cm to get eutelsat 9 and use same dish to get other satellite with the help of another lnb on same dish.

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