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Here i will be updating you guys generally on the latest gist in town on satellite world. For some weeks now, powervu has been the talk of the town. Although the only slight disadvantages on powervu that we received here in africa is that they are mostly high class entertainment. The only meaningful sports channels on it, the provider keeps changing keys almost every 72hours base on the popularity.This is also the same scenario on champion tv. few days ago, we used about different 8 biss keys, not that it’s not working, but they keep changing it every hour. So for now, if you really wants to enjoy powervu, you need at least 1.8m dish and if you’re skilled enough, you can hit as many satellite on same dish. my concern is that, the more powervu is becoming popular, i pray they don’t block feeds to Africa. Like example on HBO, 68.5, whenever you’re watching any movie, there’s this auto scroll on the screen that alerts viewers in indian that “the channel is for indians alone, if you view this channels outside india, kindly contact us”. Meaning if we don’t keep our mouth shut, they will block feeds to Africa.

This week alone, i have updated the house with two different keys for HD sports24 on MTN worldwide. Both keys have been blocked. Here’s the current working keys for sports24 HD on MTN worldwide ;

ECM 00:  F99CF3A26A6191

ECM01:  9722564662CD5E

Also for now, it’s not necessarily we give out champion tv biss key which will be blocked within 60 mins. We are waiting for match days, then we can use biss key to view EPL during the weekend. For now, those still asking me for CBST biss key, you’re wasting your time as i will keep ignoring your chats and emails. I have explained to you guys about “xcrypt” in CBST when you press 8282 on your remote in other to edit and change keys.

I don’t like discussing about Qsat as i will be raising most guys hope that sooner or later, they would find their bearing. Ever since Qsat is out, i have been against that decoder because i know they will scam us. Now i’ve been asked so many times, “is this the end of qsat”? My answer is “no response”. Those popular blogs that are still asking you to renew your qsat account after all this epileptic services, they are heartless. six (6) thousand naira is someone’s monthly salary. buying something with such amount and you don’t get any thing out from it to me is wickedness. Just like i keep saying, If you rent and apartment has space in the compound, get at least 1.8m dish and track MTN worldwide. No matter the regular keys changing, it’s better off buying qsat.Also for those that are running around to get Gsky decoder, the only thing that they keep deceiving you guys is the “Auto roll keys” which most of us don’t simply knows what that means. The meaning of “auto roll key features” or “autoupdate”  simply means “Whenever there’s need for key changes, the owner of the decoder will generate the key at his end and upload it to the server and with the help of internet, you will get the update automatically instead of you doing that yourself” 

Now tell me, why do you need Gsky decoder when strong can perfectly do the job with ease? They say ignorance is a disease and what you’re looking for in sokoto is inside your pocket. If you own an apartment and you need a good backup and can’t install any of the bigger dish in your apartment, get an Andriod Tv box or any good IPTV box out there.This is necessary or else the chinese will use our fellow bloggers to keep scamming us.Like i keep saying, one of the most popular blogger in Nigeria talking about satellite doesn’t even have 1m dish let alone 1.8m but yet he will keep asking you to buy gsky decoder which he doesn’t even use. This is just an example on one of the tricks the chinese usually use to scam us. As any decoder they sell, they collect commissions from it. For now, Apart from Qsat, no working dongles or CCCAM.

Let me enlighten you guys once more on how to get a good working cccam and make sure they don’t scam you. Let me begin with a typical example on myself. Last time when TV1 was with still working, i contacted one of my friend to buy a cline from him, he sold me one for 6 months. whenever am using the cline, it keeps freezing and disconnecting.Meaning when i ask other people they will tell me that it’s 98% stable. I later contacted another guy and purchase a cline from him, same issue, freezing, at last, i found a website online and purchase 1 month cline. To my surprise, It was just as if i’m using the official dst* decoder. All what am trying to bring out from this is, if you have a bigger dish to track bein sports or canal+, our guys here are not reliable as they will sell same account for 20 people. If you need a good cccam, use google and search for cccam sellers that accepts paypal payment. Paypal offers 45 days refund policy.Meaning if you pay with paypal and within the 45 days you’re not satisfy with the product or services, you can easily dispute it and i’m 100% sure you will get back your money.As the cccam we bloggers sell are from friends abroad. So it can be easily sold to 5 people and if it get blocked due to double login, we can easily contact the server owner to unlock it. But your money is gone.

If you need total liberation from keys hunting and dongle issues, make the switch now.

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