Update on Sport 24 – Should we get worried or not

On the 30th of January 2017, at about 7pm or so i started receiving bunch of calls, emails, sms etc about sport 24. On getting home, both East and west position has gone off. I checked on all my decoders, all couldn’t roll out updated keys. We checked for emm data blacklisting, nothing of such. Now the big questions here is, should we move on or hoping for light at the end of the tunnel?

The truth is, i have once said it and would keep saying it that the only way forward for an average man to enjoy premium quality tv contents is on iptv, the Android tv box. This is because providers have been working really hard to protect their content. Moreover, sport 24 is not for domestic use but rather for in-flight and sea, being aware that people are watching it domestically, their last email last year was that they’re working with their engineers to fix the damage. First they started by changing symbol rate, reducing coverage to land and increase rate of keys changing.

Another bad news is that, even the pioneer, the hero that made it possible for us to watch premium content through powervu has been thinking about the next steps because normally we would have recaptured emm data and start watching sport 24, but now, sport 24 has gotten a new software and they’re now transmitting false keys. Let me explain a bit what that means. For those that has gsky receiver or superesat, you discover that the keys displaying are different from the original keys for sports 24,¬† which means they encrypted the real keys and wrote some lines for the decoder to be displaying false keys so that nobody would able to copy it. This is a similar scenario we’re having with sport 24. You may have to read the content on this image;

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Now you may ask me, is there any hope? Though china is currently on holidays to observe their new year festival which would be until 12th of February, 2017 before they resume and start looking for solutions, but until then can they still catch up with the moving train? Another thing is, since it’s still running on powervu, there’re still hope it may be possible to watch sports 24 again that is if they haven’t added backends security. It’s unfortunately this came up at this hard times but there’re still some bad news. Bein sports 1 & 2 on hotbird has been done for about a week. They have blocked it. Sony entertainment, anytime, anyday it would go off forever because it’s currently fta now, it’s not working under powervu keys but on Nds which they have not yet effected.

The way forward is either you choose dsthieves or embrace Android tv box now that it’s still selling cheaper. Good thing data is available at a very cheaper rates. You only use the Android box to watch live league matches and you can get cccam for tvsat or subscribe gotv for #1800 monthly to manage repetition programs. I’m stopping here for now and hopefully, next article would be good news.

Android box still available, fully loaded. You can contact me through whatsapp for one.

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  1. Please help me when i scan for channel on intelsal 20 68.5 i only receive discovery channel and others but i can’t receive any sony channels.

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