FTA Channels List on Nigcomsat Sat 42.5°E

My last article, i talked briefly about our own satellite which is located on 42.0E. But the thing is, the signal is so full and most times, it takes someone two to three weeks to track it!! Could you imagine taking you three days to walk from your bedroom to your toilet? LOL.. 🙂 🙂

The satellite, Nigcomsat is just so easy to track but one needs to be patient. Last time, i took screen shot from my satellite meter, image below;

just to proof to you that you could track it no matter how difficult you find it. Now another simple way to track this Nigcomsat is, track Dstv with this TP, 12245 H 27500, minimum of 60cm dish. incase you don’t understand the 0’clock thing on dish, this image below could guide you;

Image result for satellite o' clock

After getting maximum signal on the dstv TP, just tie your dish, input the Nigcomsat sat 42.5°E(frequencies 12518 H 29500 or 12627 H 29500 and hit the dish down gradually, you should hit green. Is that simple!! If your still finding things difficult, then use 90cm dish.

Now here are some list of FTA channels list on Nigcomsat sat 42.5°E;

Tvcnews mp4
Hrtv brekete
Mon3y mart
Arttv kano
Tvc news Nig.
New world sport 1
New world cinema
Rcg TV
Preach TV
NTA int
Tvc entrtm
Tfm Senegal
Ole Tfm
Tvt Togo
LA Beninnoise
Qtv Senegal.
Vox TV
Ami TV
Rov TV
Daystar TV
Salvation TV
Last Hour TV
New generation TV
Play TV
On max
Lummin Christi
MTA int Africa 2
Power line
Paradise TV
Ice TV
Phillico TV
Prophet 1
Price tv
Rescue TV
Sagani TV
Guidance TV
Jericho TV
Kiss TV
Thunder TV
Wazobia mix
Kfm TV
Chief TV
Yes TV
Amen TV

Most times, the satellite goes off, so if you want to track it, make sure you ask someone that already has signal so that you won’t roast under the sun 😀 😀 … You know how naija things deh always be.

Before the satellite disappears again, enjoy it for now because Nigcomsat has no backup.

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6 thoughts on “FTA Channels List on Nigcomsat Sat 42.5°E

  1. Now we are facing problem concern signal of Nigcomsat,sometime signal quality is high but doing scratch.So i think that,the problem is from their engineers, They ar responsibility to solve the case.

  2. Well it’s a 9ce thing nijja has done,but d only problem here is that nijja things based on substandard,immagine,when was d satelite shut that people has began 2 complain about poor signal & poor reception, despite d high quality. Immagine ghana of yesterday just check out their satelite transmittion,i beg nigerian has 2 do something to improve our network quality. Anyway,we still appreciate it 4 half bread is better than none

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