FTA Channels For Small Dish Users

After yet another long break on satellite related matters, i’m back to update you guys the current FTA channels you could at least manage for the time being, i mean enjoying it until the owners lock it again. Although, most of the channels to be listed below have been FTA for a while, also, NIGCOMSAT – Nigeria satellite which is at 45°east has over 40 FTA channels currently broadcasting some cool contents, but of course you should know, there’s nothing as good as watching premium channels and the most annoying thing is, they keep changing symbol rate to the satellite making it difficult most times to track. So, i would be listing some few channels below, some you had already came across and some you haven’t;

NIGCOMSAT – Nigeria satellite. 45°east
Tracking TP 12518 H 25000 (below DSTV)
Dish Size – 60cm.
Channels over 40
some channels on nigcomsat
and more
TRACKING TP – 12015 H 29949
dish size – 60cm
Some channels on 4.5e
DW news
RT news
NHK news
TRT news
African news
and others
Eautelsat 16°east
Tracking TP – 10804 H 30000
or 12562 H 27500
Dish size – 60 CM
More than 100 channels
tvc entertainment
tvc news
boom TV – music
New world cinema
news frontier
new world sports
canal e.t.c
Multi tv satellite astra 28°east/ CONSAT tv
Tracking TP – 12525 V 30000
or 11095 V 29999
Dish size – 60cm upward
joy news
Joy prime
eagle TV
z tv
core tv
tv3 – sports
max tv- sports
and more.
(5.)MBC on badrsat 26°east
tracking Tp – 12284 V 27500
or 11559 V 27500 for MBC 7.0W
Dish size – 90CM upward
channels – over 30
some channels on MBC
(6.)SES 5°east / 7a (startimes & w3a)
This two satellites can be track together with only one dish (90cm)
Tracking freq:- 11919 h 27500
Zuku zone
Nigbati Yoruba movies
St guide

Those are some few FTA channels that are currently available to the small dish users in Nigeria and across Africa for now. Although there might be some out there but i don’t waste my time hunting satellite without sports.

Other satellites related news and some rumors;

Sports 24:

For some days, people have been calling and sending messages that sports 24 is back and software is available. If it’s back, maybe by mistake, you would surely get the first class information here on pakogist.com. But the bitter truth is, sports 24 is already a forgone thing. It’s never coming back for now because cisco has made some crazy updates that no one could be able to sniff in for now. So if you’re that desperate for sports 24, just as the guy spreading the rumors and selling softwares to collect money from people, you would also fall into his net. I always have updates on latest satellite trending in and across Africa. If you don’t read it here, just know it’s all rumors and doesn’t exist because i haven’t published anything on my blog here that i haven’t done and seen with my both eyes. Just an advice, try to verify from different sources before you become someones prey.


If you ask me if there’s still hope on PowerVU channels for Africa, i will tell you a bigger NO. After sony entertainment pictures finally secured Ten sports to it packages, sony channels on intelsat 68.5e has been rendered useless. Apart from some few laliga games on Sony SD, all other sporting events and even champions league are being broadcast on sony HD on 66.0e and on their Ten sports platform. Sony HD could be only gotten from 3m dish upwards. I can’t imagine someone wasting a 3m dish for just Sony while hotbird and hispasat is at the back of  his/her toilet.

Tiger T3000

Tiger T3000 has been re-branded. Meaning they have changed the name to T8 ultra. Once i’m done with my sample package, i would post my review online. Dst* packages have been offline on Tiger3000 for over 3 weeks. Just as i keep saying, “dongle would remain dongle”, while it’s a “Use While it Last” thing. Although we was told server for Dst* would be restored after they launch the new branded decoder, but i could not tell how true or sincere they are, but other packages on the receiver, Eurobird 9.0e, hotbird novasports, hispasat sports tv and Nilesat are still blazing, for the big dish owners. Also the Appolo IPTV on it is still very much working, but just that it can’t be as using a pure streaming devices like the Andriod tv boxes.

Andriod Tv Boxes are still the rave of the moment. Things has changed. If you don’t join us now, you would surely join us later. But the earlier the better. View centres, clubs, hotels, bars, home etc are currently rocking it with from 4k pictures. The receivers that can match ultra 4k pictures and decode it are sold for over 300 pounds, 360 USD. Of course you know without a satellite dish, it’s useless. It’s only IPTV/Andriod tv boxes that could bring you the ever best home entertainment on your tv. VOD, sports, movie series, movies, porn, cartoon, news etc.

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Need to reach me? 07066330624 for business purposes only. Other questions and FTA related issues, please consider using the comment form below.

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  1. Bros I hail, pls this Nigcomsat 45e have they change symbol rate again? B/c I attempt it over 3 hours no result . I got Dstv which is 36e, I also got mytv on the same path, but in between ie 45e below Dstv I could not locate the Nigcomsat signal pls confirm and advise …TP: 12518(H)25000. Thanks Big solo.

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