Last week, i announced to you guys that MBC packages are back even with more channels. I discovered that MBC came back on another satellite just like CBST for bein sports.

With your decoder, MPEG4,HD you can watch the following channels on AMOS 65.0E with 10789 V 45000;










CTN ,etc

And for the MBCs, you can track it with the following TPs, 11966 V 30000 and 12001 V 30000.

For those that has been expecting the return of IRIB, irib is back but you can only get it with 2.5m dish. I find it unnecessarily to post it here as majority of us can’t afford such dish size. But incase anyone need it, just comment on pakogist facebook page and i will provide details.

People have been calling for Biss key on CBST aka Bein sports, don’t let anyone deceive you, there’s no biss key for CBST. Anyone that tell you he has it, tell him to come to your house and enter it on your decoder before you pay. If the biss key is available,i will drop it here for all.


Qsat has finally listened to us and improve it services on their decoders. currently, all sports channels are blazing on qsat, but the french side of it, canalsat is still freezing annoyingly. We hope for more improvement from qsat as they are the last man standing.


Azsky is still dead as at this post.same with A+,AONE and co. There has been rumor in town that cccam is working. There’s no cccam working as dstv has merge their card with it decoder thereby giving little or no room for cardsharing. Kudos to the Qsat team for their hacking skills.


The bitter truth is, IPTV is the only solution. It has come to stay and will soon take over as the world is gradually going digital. I keep saying this that, in Nigeria, IPTV can’t work as due to ISP exploiting us and with bad internet service. As it makes no sense using 1gigabyte data to stream just 3 matches.

I have been searching for an alternative and found one. I have successfully tweak simpleserver inside an andriod TV box, subscribe to BBLITED for #70 and also install one of the free TV apps which has almost all the sports channels except supersports and it worked perfectly. I will do this for some more days and finally launch it online for you guys, wherewhich you can subscribe for blackberry plan for #700 monthly and stream any matches for free as the andriod box can be connected to TV via HDMI cable or the normally AV cord.

In summary, While we are hoping for the coming back of Azsky, we also pray Qsat continue to battle Dstv as they are the only last man standing. For those that can’t afford qsat or waiting for Azsky, i can advice you start saving to get an andriod box which i think will surely solve the problem of dongles doing hide and  seek game with dstv.

For those that has 2.5m dish, you can message me on facebook and i will surely provide the details to you.For the mean time, enjoy the FTA channels above while it last.

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