Updates on Azsky and Other Dongles

As of 09/05/2015, Azsky was up for like 5-6minutes  showing all channels before it went off. This is to tell that their is light at the end of the tunnel. As i was informed by my source, Server has been restored and undergoing final touches. There’s no need for new software updates or account loading if your box was already active before it went off. Although, for those of us that haven’t activated their dongle before it went off, just visit this site and contact me through the site contact area.

As at today, 10/05/2015, Qsat is still blazing hot and A+ has gone off. for those of us that still hasn’t revived their Qsat decoders, read my articles Here on how to revive your decoders and join the party. Account is available for those that wants to renew theirs and also if you need any of the decoder, we can get one for you within 5-7days as we don’t stock them in our store as the risk involved in dongle business is not very fair at all..Also , i would advice us to be patients as Azsky would soon bounce back to life and as i always say, “AZSKY IS THE KING OF DONGLES”!! While others are just options.

Keep checking for more updates.

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