My last article, i informed you all that qsat has been doing fine with 70%, and azsky opening 7 channels.
As at today, 17th march ,2015 azsky has been totally off for 8 days and while qsat is giving 99% here in terms
of stability and speed on which it opens all the sports channels.There had been rumor that q26g has not been working.
For some of you and i haven’t still verify such rumors. Speed 1 HD decoder, for those that uses it has been working but very epileptic in terms of stability.

Azsky has been totally off. when i spoke to my contact,though not very fluent in English, all what they keep saying is “wait for server will fully back soon” which to my knowledge, we would all smile soon.Patient is the keyword here as they are not sleeping at all.

Qsat has been wonderful for some days now working without a single freeze. those who possesses the decoders can testify to it. Avatarcam code is available but after payment, you would have to be patient
for at least 48 hours before getting it.

All cccam account are still dead and nobody knows when it would be back.

If you read through my last article, i did mentioned some few FTA channels that we can manage for now for those that are still awaiting the comeback of azsky for watching EPL and champions league.
currently you can watch at least five mbc channels in HD (high definition free of charge). secondly, you can watch two Beinsports hd, 1 PORN channel and four more channels with the help of a biss key.
You can call your local satelite installer to help you track MBC HD channels. The satellite name is Badr5 26.5E. Track with 12303 ( H ) 27500 and after hitting green, you input 12265 H 27500 to get the channels.
Bein Sports 1HD and 2HD, Adult channels etc. can be tracked on Eutelsat  W3A  7.0E, Madagascar position with 12728 V 30000. Make sure you hit at least 70% else you won’t get all channels.the channels are: Bein Sport 1HD – Bein Sport 2 HD – M6 HD – W9 – BFM TV – EQUIDA PRO & HUSTLER (adult. After hitting green, blindscan your decoder and input this Biss key on the channels to unscramble it 3184752A068163EA.

Comments are welcomed using the comment box below this post. More updates coming soon.

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